Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Strange Sounds

Have you heard them? I have and they smell bad*.

Does our current government base its policy on #Voodoo or #Science? Sounds like a strange question, but, seems like Harper hates the “sounds of science”. Is the CPC party the first to exploit the legal loophole that says nothing about tangible “Science vs. Fiction”? Seems Harper asserts that science sounds strange to his supporters? Evidence of ignorance or just a stupid coincidence?

Minister Vic Toews asserts information aqcuired through torture is reliable intelligence?

Minister Rob Nicholson asserts rehabilitation is best served by mental abuse & physical punishment?

Minister Joe Oliver will not recognize scientific consensus on climate change? ( Finally the CPC is forced to cough up an unscientific statement: "humans cause global warming" )

Minister Peter Kent maintains less science about nature protects Canadians?

See a trend? Need a chart?

I am not an expert in psychology, but, I do know enough to draw an evidence-based and educated hypothesis. Better yet, why not just trust the peer reviewed science of professional experts?

Leadership should reinforce or define cultural morality, when required, otherwise get back to creating jobs and protecting citizens. Jobs: remember what Stephen was talking about? Perhaps he can look south to Barack for leadership skills and communication. Is Harper capable of moving Canada forward or are we the next victim of the "conservative U-turn back to better times of racism and sexism"?

To understand these “strange sounds”, one must find the source. Seems the CPC party is a "beachhead for the failed hand-me-down policies" of the American Republican Party. Smells Bushie.

It is comical to see many discussing new studies showing conservatives are “less intelligent, lower IQ, etc.”. That is an unfair assertion, although intuition supports evidence and it “feels” right, it is still truthiness until published peer reviewed science stands the rigours of the scientific method. To make these assumptions is unreliable. Don't be a lemming too.

I know many conservatives that refute this Harper Government. They trust in science, not politics, and so should you:

Agnotology: (formerly agnatology) is the study of culturally-induced ignorance or doubt, particularly the publication of inaccurate or misleading scientific data.

So, why is Harper in contempt of Science? Trust me, he is not smart enough to "cook this stuff up". Science is under attack in the United States. Republicans think that by twisting science, they can continue to “maintain the freedom” to ravage this planet and its people no matter the cost to society.

Are they redefining “freedom”? Why adhere to law and science when you can change the definitions of words. Much like the new CPC narrative on abortion. Seeking refuge in ancient words and laws that support an ideology. Why not look at the latest science for all definitions? Will Harper look to the Magna Carta to justify his discrimination against some groups? Will he refer to the bible to influence current law?

Check your science carefully folks: Give it the sniff test! Is the next phase of “CPC Agnotology” fake peer reviewed “bullshit”? The GOP republicans and CPC conservatives know that they are failing to succeed with ideology, so, is the next step is to put on the “SunTV lab coats (brought to you by FoxNews)” and do some “dog and pony science” for the masses? Perhaps Ezra will finally exchange his "heavy carbon footprint chainsaw for a more efficient and intelligent pen"? Watch for more the new "science parrot" to replace CPC "bullshit"?

It is 2012; Science, in the past 20 years has cleared out a lot of "Kenty" science, but there is much to be done. By eliminating government based science, seems our government expects us to trust corporate science: Tobacco science? Ethical science? FDA Science?

We should thank new math! Should we thank Harold Coxter? No, lets thank a government that produces and supports true science. Lets keep things "straight", I mean scientific.

“My freedom ends where your freedom begins”. Label me ignorant, but I believe this. I think it is an important statement regarding my human rights. I assert that I have the right to know what is fact and what is fiction. Can Tom Flaherty scientifically quantify the term "Radical" and "Enemy of the State"?

Law seems to respect spoken word and evidence. Although law fails to provide a quality system; innocent people charged as guilty. Some are guilty people being treated inhumanely and perhaps damaged further.

Seems science has answers and our justice system just has issues, yet, a noble purpose. Can science & law unite into the super hero that will snatch up people like Stephen Harper and fly them to the Queen for a stiff and firm spanking? Naughty Stephen, naughty! Is parental spanking the best solution?

"Violence breeds violence" - me (If someone else said it, well, good for them, this is not new stuff ).

 “Lead by example”. Label me ignorant, but I believe this. People learn both consciously and unconsciously through our senses (ok, some of this stuff is pre-programmed, like that button on your remote, when you press it, the TV turns on)*. If our leadership led by example and maintained honest morality through their policy of "peace, love and happiness", would there be a deviation from "war, hate and sadness"?

“Monkey see, monkey do” is another way to say it. So, if a government thinks the death penalty is warranted behaviour, is that not also unconsciously teaching people that killing is accepted behaviour? Does the government think that the death penalty stops crime? Has Harper studied Texas lately? I wonder if Rick Perry has killed innocent people (WARNING: 100% Fox News Content); now, that sounds like Conservative American values. Can Rick prove he did not kill innocent people?

The logic seems tricky. What if a rational 18 year old person understood the possibility of life in prison with no parole? Would that stop them from murdering their female friends, by drowning them in a car (Another tricky question since rational people do not kill their friends)? Rational people do not kill innocent people, but rational people would kill an irrational person if they were going to kill them.

So, do all “rational” people think that everyone is “rational”? Can we trust selling handguns, rifles, shotguns and para-military style weapons to a "rational Canadian market" expecting everyone to be "rational" with those guns?

What if a rational person dies and leaves their gun collection to irrational offspring?

I admit I am greedy, its all about me: My freedom ends where your freedom begins, ergo, to protect my freedom I must help secure yours first. Can Canada secure its science from these "strange sounds"?


* - notice that CTV ends segment and indirectly questions the validity of science?

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