Friday, December 24, 2010

Religion is brainwashing?

I think teaching children religion brainwashing. Religions has its good eggs and bad eggs. Some folks apply their faith to wonderful pursuits, others apply their faith resulting in humanities most despicable horrors.

Religion has its place in human evolution and many evolutionary psychology papers have been showing why humans believe in a "god". In my layman terms, religion evolved to solidify “clans” of early humans. It answered all of natures laws with one answer: god did it, now lets get back to business. As religion evolved, it grew into symbolics and ceremony to demonstrate allegiance with the "god". When religion was hijacked by corrupt power, it evolved into what it is today.

I was raised in a religious family. I had no choice in that. I lived in the notion of a religious universe until I basically evolved into a "scientist". I now am a Bright ( one that believes in a naturalistic universe without supernatural forces at work ), 25 years after my enlightenment ( wow, I finally have an label of my own ). No, this not a recruitment drive for the Brights, but its free and is simply a statement that there is no boogieman, zombies, spirits ghosts and you guess it gods.

Long before I became a Bright, I had to do a lot of leg work to eliminate, in my mind, the possibility of god. Ironically, it required faith, faith in my perception of my universe. My linchpin moment was chaos mathematics. I witnessed a few “random” formulae generate a fern leaf. It was like all my notions of evolution, science and natural observation came together for my epiphany that there is no god. It took courage, looking back, to buck this system that everyone seems to follow. It felt weird that I was a minority on this planet. Some have said: “well, you made it out”, “now you are free from that”, but, what about those that could not make it out. I thought about those that were not fashioned, to not question, to navigate their minds out of this ancient thought trap. Sure, religion will be replaced with science, but what about the children now?

A quick aside, recently I had the “pleasure” of tutoring a child in mathematics. It was 5th grade stuff so I figured should be easy. Looking at the assignment, I found there to be more guessing than critical thinking involved in completing this assignment. Estimations, notions and a whole lot of graphing has replaced the basics. I guess the education system wants more kids to stay in math, so, they made it fun, or easy, as to not discourage the students. Lets dumb down math, so more kids are not turned off too quickly? Back to the tutoring, my pupil asked if I knew what I was doing when I was showing her how to calculate an average number from a set numbers. There and then I felt a chill in my brain. Oh no. What are they teaching kids in math? This is nothing new, many teaching experts have brought this up, but I was seeing it first hand. Scary stuff.

So, what does math homework have to do with religion being brainwashing? Well my simple argument is that how can children develop critical thinking skills when their heads are being filled with garbage to begin with. Told to believe, in god, and have religious-like faith in something, that is not real, is brainwashing. Do these children even have a chance to discover that there is no god (they are not being taught critical thinking in school)? I would prefer to live in a society that does not fill kids heads with junk theology to begin with. Religion is having a tough time and their recent global attack on science outlines their intent. They want most people to not question anything that compromises their “god-given” authority.

Religion is brainwashing and should be a crime. The last 30 years of scientific knowledge has pushed religion and religion is pushing back. Pseudo-science being taught in some schools. Court cases about the validity of evolution. “Its only a theory” some say, well, a scientific theory differs from the dictionary word theory. A scientific theory must be supported, in layman terms, with hard evidence. Sure science can never be 100% correct, but that ~99% represents a repeatable and honest conclusion, not a feeling.


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