Friday, December 24, 2010

Science Vs. God?

Science Vs. God?

Touchy subject? Of course, but science gives me courage and understanding to provide honest, positive discussion.

I am a Bright ( meaning no supernatural stuff ), I believe in a naturalistic world.

I know some people that follow God, peacefully, thank you!

In science, there is complex science and simple science.

Simple science is easily accepted and can be readily proven, by anyone that can follow simple scientific procedure.

Complex science is a collection of simple sciences, using them to shed light on the complex hypothesis or complex theories.

Newer science is “flimsy”. People trying to describe a hypothesis using the scientific process using complex methods.

Climate science is a great example of "new" complex science.

But, science can only really describe so much. It is not long before "we are looking at atoms" and change "how they behave". It is hard to remain objective when you are influencing the observations made.

Science is "small", there is a small body of knowledge that people use to build on to.

But, how much do we really know when simple science is only correct ~99% of the time?

As a scientist, I cannot prove that God does or does not exist. That is a fact.

But, does that give religious people the right to discredit science to protect their beliefs? I assert no. That is my opinion.

I think we all need to "believe in somethings" on our own. It is our right. It is our right to freedom of thought. I think this is important.

The right to practice postive science and positive religion!


P.S. - respect my right to freedom of thought! :)

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