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CF-35: January 2011: Update

CF-35 “Ottawa Citizen Style” : Here is the original O.C. article "The truth about those jets"

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Interesting Reference: A Canadian CF-35 report from an Australian independent thing tank.

My opinion, in response to the Ottawa Citizen:

In short, the CF-35 is an obsolete weapon.

Even shorter, I do not want my Canadian Air Force pilots at a disadvantage with regards to technology and performance. We are risking the lives of soldiers, lets keep the pilots safe, comfortable and , most importantly, alive.

Remote military weaponry is the future and Canada can do this with US and Canadian tools already. Does our government like spending money or giving it away? You decide, this is my opinion.

I also assert that the Canadian Aerospace industry would benefit more from my assertion. Also, the Canadian Environmental industry. By extending CF-18 we can expand the global market for "previously enjoyed" F-18 fighters. This would bolster current production. By bringing in a UAV product line, as well, Canada now becomes a leader in smarter and more efficient UAV systems.

I am not a marketing guy, just a person that is tired of poor government decisions. Smaller government = smarter decisions. We can see what the US model of investing has done to the US economy : devastated.

Did you know there is now an industry in Michigan, USA, that is based on deconstructing its own industry? Of course supply and demand works, but, where did all that "great tax-base stuff go"?

See, my ideas are about superior security solutions and profits. Something Harper has already failed at. Just look at governments inability to increase tax revenues for the past ten years.

You have to invest to make money. Is Canada building its own future on deconstructing Canada? Think about that. Is it time to abandon ship or start plugging the holes?

Can I get a politically correct peg to stick into this paper hole?

I am a designer. No, I do not work on military equipment, I refuse to. The software I use is basically the same as the designers that make "those things" ( F-35's and M1 Tanks etc ). I even know some of these folks.

I also know that stacking my PC with $500,000 in advanced design software is not easy, that stuff is tracked by Intelligence. Good! But, as you see with China and US nuclear secrets, how hard would it be to rip off some geeks computer. When I buy an super advanced module for design software, there is a paper I have to sign.

Most geeks sign that. I read it. It is good that we have rules about who can have this stuff called science. I agree, in the wrong hands this software is a weapon. Yes, the pen is mightier that the sword, but, screw pens becauae I have space weapons that can sign my name on the planet.

I can also share this: give me the “parts” and I can “whip you up a UAV concept” that can blow up a CF-35 in simulation all day and all night. Of course, I want full access to assemblies and I want to be paid to do it.

So, if some geek like me can prove that the CF-35 is “crap” for Canada, why is this even an issue? If this is possible, why is Stephen Harper single sourcing a tool for the military? Patronage.

Having an open bidding contest in capital equipment and maintenance programs is important: more inputs gives more choice, something the CPC handbook avoids: choices. Seems like Prime Minister Harper does give timely planned decisions: on a Canadian gold platter. Check please!

Mulroney said "do something big", maybe he was referring to the kickback and potentially getting his son a TV job. Jeb Bush and Ben Mulroney : 2014 Trade talks commence? Just jesting.

Superior, safer and cheaper solutions exist, something some “spending governments” shudder at. The new program is wasteful. When you study the science of this military tool, you will find that it is obsolete. Piloted planes are history. Humans are too fragile. You cannot escape the facts.

Some cite that Canada must buy it, or we are out of the “club”, as the Ottawa Citizen wraps its “FOX News Style” article up with. I wonder if CBC can be replaced with Fox News. Amazing which markets open first: culture.

From an industrial complex perspective, I see that the company making F-35's is having trouble selling these planes. Yes, it takes a network of countries produce such a tool. Economies of scale need a "seed number of sales" and the "GOP network" thought it could rely on Stephen Harper to rubber stamp this one and fast.

President Barack Obama would be wise to cut this program. Why? The tool is obsolete. Yes, the rumblings are there. China is touting its own fighter, USA should wise up and move its chess pieces faster. Oh Canada! I guess profits and tax revenues are not important.

The GOP always cuts non-military programs first. This January was no exception. Fact is that the US military complex cannot survive without enemies and with new competition from China, there just does not seem to be enough wars anymore. I wrote this blog to demonstrate my opinion.

Are the crown jewels of “USA military” starting to crack? Yes. Do I support the USA? Yes. Do we need all this equipment to ensure security? No. That is reality, not the fantasy that is being sold by Harper and the CPC. It seems like "the 9/11 knee-jerk is still twitching" in Canada.

For Canada, the “return on investment” from CF-35 jets, from a humanitarian perspective is poor.

Better peace is a better tool. Science has proved this in the past five years. The "killing cycle is the disease". Lets treat that first.

Our tax dollars should be used wisely, not the disaster capitalism model that Harper actively supports with future debt. Did we even need the stimulus package? Oh Stevie.

Democracy needs more than jets, both home and abroad. Lets invest our money in those things : security, education and health.

If Canada bought UAV's we would have the money to support better tools for peace and be able to secure Canada and protect our military partners. Just seems like the bigger the bill, the bigger the big interest by the big guys.

The fact remains that the UAV is a superior tool. You can try to “shoot it down”, but, my argument remains steadfast. It is cheaper and better.

Thought I might even attract a decent argument, by anyone in "blog-land" but, the "Right Wing War Mongers" all get “smoked in my sights”. Why? Because I am a designer: planes, cars, trains, ships, toasters... line them up, I compare and contrast design strength. Discussions turn fast and people retort "I am not an expert". Really? I already know this because you support the CF-35.

I call it "reverse engineering politics with engineering, not bullshit". Please, someone have a decent arguement! The Ottawa Citizen article looked like something from the "high school paper about using less toilet paper" tactics. Well Ottawa Citizen, "what if everyone pooped at home"?

Your article looks like something John Baird was forced to work on over the Christmas break.

I have yet to see an honest article, written with expert information, to refute any of my assertions. And I have that confidence because the experts that matter to me say the same thing.

I am not saying this is my original thought, just my independent conclusion. It just so happens to concur with others observations. Science is funny like that: rules, not opinions.

The "Harper PR" machine is in full spending mode, it seems. The last legs of "the Harper" remind me of the end of "the George Bush".

The fact is that procurement programs that ignore new and superior tools are ignorant and an indication of corruption. What is inside that "black box recorder"? Don't ask Julian he is a terrorist.

Seeing as the lifecycle of the CF-35 is mapped to “20xx”, it is wise to choose the next technology wisely. It would be nice to see Canadian Generals control spending for military, not our comprised leader by US companies. A la Avro Aero? History repeats. (I also assert that the Avro had more problems than benefits, but, scrapping innovation is silly). Politicians like to scrap things: maybe it is time to learn how to recycle the good and forget the bad: evolution.

The fact is that with UAV technology and unscrupulous sales of military weaponry by “GOP friends network” smaller nations will get access to a tool that can out perform the CF-35. Then it will be time for Canada to upgrade again.

Pop goes the Champagne! I have been to parties like this. I see the CF-35 as the next big CPC corker party PR opportunity.

Rock on Stevie, you are the spending machine, but can you conservatively assert you are correct against 2000 year old math?


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