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:) Tweet Police

"Tweet O Tweet" = "S O S" ? : Toronto Police twitter communications.

Twitter is a fun tool and I do say tool. It is a free access global network to crazy cloud computing! Harold Coxeter, the Toronto math wizard in geometry, led to our current innovations in complex information analysis. Thanks Harold!

In the “times of information”, seems like Twitter is amazing at sending messages and getting fast responses and multiple responses. I have touched upon these items in previous blogs: finding new information or getting questions answered or just sending a message to a twitter contact. Turning on twitter location and tweeting can provide your location and name. This is an inherent feature and something that takes time to communicate, traditionally.

Using ones' 140 characters seems a challenge. It is. How much information can I fit in to this tiny “real-time space”? When we think of the evolution of communications, we see that the simple SOS message was enough to send a message: help. Now we have Twitter: can a message expand an organizations accessibility? Can a Twitter message ever be an official communication?

Now we have this simple tool. Wait, it is complex, depending on how the tweet is built.

I like to blog about new cool connections, I make on Twitter, and here is my next.

I was looking at the #volunteer hashtag on twitter ( tweets close to me ) and noticed a tweet from the Toronto Police. They were saying thanks to volunteers that helped at a local function. I think they even set a record! I retweeted!

Toronto Police said thanks! That is proper Twitter protocol, well done #TPT ( Toronto Police Twitter ).

I looked at their tweets and they have some really informative messages. Some even in my neighbourhood. Cool. Later, I noticed the TPT using identifiers “^xx” in their tweets. I suggested they use a hashtag, so, that above identifier code would become #xx or #XX.

The capitalization means confirmed versus lowercase which is unconfirmed. Known to be factual versus an opinion.

By building a simple set of hashtags, the complexity of the message increases. Looking at the range of TPT tweets, I thought of what messages they may need to send to a community: an accident, weather emergency, tornado touchdown location. I also though of the community and which messages they could send to the police. Now the police have increased their scope using real time!

Look out! #ca ( citizens arrest ) took on a new team member? Twitter? What about a distress call from twitter? Could this free stuff have real value? Yes, I think a simple system could be launched and measured. Demonstrate a few simple ideas and track the results?

One thing is for certain, Twitter should would be great in some situations. Live information.

Anyways, back to the TPT codes, what about “Jane Public” sending a quick tweet to the Toronto Police Twitter? An easy example: tornado it is.

If the GTA has a local tornado warning, residents could use this to alert an actual touchdown. Calling 911 might take longer than sending this message ( excuse the hashtags, I kept these ideas simple )

@TPT_Alert #weather #tornado #yes : #minor #damage
@TPT_Alert #road #hazard #ice
@TPT_Alert #TPT #help #emergency

What about @TorontoPolice ? What could they send?

#TPT #WEATHER #TORNADO #EMERGENCY @ 16:45 @ HIGH PARK If you see any downed powerlines tweet us! #thanks #TPS #DD #SGT #Chuckles

You can imagine the rest. But, do take notice in the differences in capitalization.

Public abuse of this system would not be tolerated. Think of it like a community watch for twitter.

The Toronto Police can send “their content” tweets ( say on @TorontoPolice account ), but also issue @TPT “content” ( say on @TPT account ). Public broadcasts to GTA could use both Twitter accounts. The "@TPT" is for the public alert system.

Thinking about how the police communicate and what they can communicate public messages could even contain encrypted key words. A plain clothes officer could be gathering evidence and making it look like they are tweeting a friend. Just no G-20 stuff, thanks.

I think that with a smart strategy, any police force can better serve with this free tool! Cool!


P.S. - Will the @TorontoPolice & @lawscomm soon learn the power of my twitter communications and unfollow me? If they filter content, probably not.

P.S.S. - #DGD #opinion : #climatechange #SCIENCE is #important

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Random Word Clouds

A few interesting art images created by using a few of my blogs

Wordle: Metaman Blogs about Communications and CF-35

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CF-35: January 2011: Update

CF-35 “Ottawa Citizen Style” : Here is the original O.C. article "The truth about those jets"

My CF-35 blogs:

1st : CF-35 Fighters: political monorail?
2nd : CF-35: No PR Blitz here
3rd : CF-35 for Dummies

Interesting Reference: A Canadian CF-35 report from an Australian independent thing tank.

My opinion, in response to the Ottawa Citizen:

In short, the CF-35 is an obsolete weapon.

Even shorter, I do not want my Canadian Air Force pilots at a disadvantage with regards to technology and performance. We are risking the lives of soldiers, lets keep the pilots safe, comfortable and , most importantly, alive.

Remote military weaponry is the future and Canada can do this with US and Canadian tools already. Does our government like spending money or giving it away? You decide, this is my opinion.

I also assert that the Canadian Aerospace industry would benefit more from my assertion. Also, the Canadian Environmental industry. By extending CF-18 we can expand the global market for "previously enjoyed" F-18 fighters. This would bolster current production. By bringing in a UAV product line, as well, Canada now becomes a leader in smarter and more efficient UAV systems.

I am not a marketing guy, just a person that is tired of poor government decisions. Smaller government = smarter decisions. We can see what the US model of investing has done to the US economy : devastated.

Did you know there is now an industry in Michigan, USA, that is based on deconstructing its own industry? Of course supply and demand works, but, where did all that "great tax-base stuff go"?

See, my ideas are about superior security solutions and profits. Something Harper has already failed at. Just look at governments inability to increase tax revenues for the past ten years.

You have to invest to make money. Is Canada building its own future on deconstructing Canada? Think about that. Is it time to abandon ship or start plugging the holes?

Can I get a politically correct peg to stick into this paper hole?

I am a designer. No, I do not work on military equipment, I refuse to. The software I use is basically the same as the designers that make "those things" ( F-35's and M1 Tanks etc ). I even know some of these folks.

I also know that stacking my PC with $500,000 in advanced design software is not easy, that stuff is tracked by Intelligence. Good! But, as you see with China and US nuclear secrets, how hard would it be to rip off some geeks computer. When I buy an super advanced module for design software, there is a paper I have to sign.

Most geeks sign that. I read it. It is good that we have rules about who can have this stuff called science. I agree, in the wrong hands this software is a weapon. Yes, the pen is mightier that the sword, but, screw pens becauae I have space weapons that can sign my name on the planet.

I can also share this: give me the “parts” and I can “whip you up a UAV concept” that can blow up a CF-35 in simulation all day and all night. Of course, I want full access to assemblies and I want to be paid to do it.

So, if some geek like me can prove that the CF-35 is “crap” for Canada, why is this even an issue? If this is possible, why is Stephen Harper single sourcing a tool for the military? Patronage.

Having an open bidding contest in capital equipment and maintenance programs is important: more inputs gives more choice, something the CPC handbook avoids: choices. Seems like Prime Minister Harper does give timely planned decisions: on a Canadian gold platter. Check please!

Mulroney said "do something big", maybe he was referring to the kickback and potentially getting his son a TV job. Jeb Bush and Ben Mulroney : 2014 Trade talks commence? Just jesting.

Superior, safer and cheaper solutions exist, something some “spending governments” shudder at. The new program is wasteful. When you study the science of this military tool, you will find that it is obsolete. Piloted planes are history. Humans are too fragile. You cannot escape the facts.

Some cite that Canada must buy it, or we are out of the “club”, as the Ottawa Citizen wraps its “FOX News Style” article up with. I wonder if CBC can be replaced with Fox News. Amazing which markets open first: culture.

From an industrial complex perspective, I see that the company making F-35's is having trouble selling these planes. Yes, it takes a network of countries produce such a tool. Economies of scale need a "seed number of sales" and the "GOP network" thought it could rely on Stephen Harper to rubber stamp this one and fast.

President Barack Obama would be wise to cut this program. Why? The tool is obsolete. Yes, the rumblings are there. China is touting its own fighter, USA should wise up and move its chess pieces faster. Oh Canada! I guess profits and tax revenues are not important.

The GOP always cuts non-military programs first. This January was no exception. Fact is that the US military complex cannot survive without enemies and with new competition from China, there just does not seem to be enough wars anymore. I wrote this blog to demonstrate my opinion.

Are the crown jewels of “USA military” starting to crack? Yes. Do I support the USA? Yes. Do we need all this equipment to ensure security? No. That is reality, not the fantasy that is being sold by Harper and the CPC. It seems like "the 9/11 knee-jerk is still twitching" in Canada.

For Canada, the “return on investment” from CF-35 jets, from a humanitarian perspective is poor.

Better peace is a better tool. Science has proved this in the past five years. The "killing cycle is the disease". Lets treat that first.

Our tax dollars should be used wisely, not the disaster capitalism model that Harper actively supports with future debt. Did we even need the stimulus package? Oh Stevie.

Democracy needs more than jets, both home and abroad. Lets invest our money in those things : security, education and health.

If Canada bought UAV's we would have the money to support better tools for peace and be able to secure Canada and protect our military partners. Just seems like the bigger the bill, the bigger the big interest by the big guys.

The fact remains that the UAV is a superior tool. You can try to “shoot it down”, but, my argument remains steadfast. It is cheaper and better.

Thought I might even attract a decent argument, by anyone in "blog-land" but, the "Right Wing War Mongers" all get “smoked in my sights”. Why? Because I am a designer: planes, cars, trains, ships, toasters... line them up, I compare and contrast design strength. Discussions turn fast and people retort "I am not an expert". Really? I already know this because you support the CF-35.

I call it "reverse engineering politics with engineering, not bullshit". Please, someone have a decent arguement! The Ottawa Citizen article looked like something from the "high school paper about using less toilet paper" tactics. Well Ottawa Citizen, "what if everyone pooped at home"?

Your article looks like something John Baird was forced to work on over the Christmas break.

I have yet to see an honest article, written with expert information, to refute any of my assertions. And I have that confidence because the experts that matter to me say the same thing.

I am not saying this is my original thought, just my independent conclusion. It just so happens to concur with others observations. Science is funny like that: rules, not opinions.

The "Harper PR" machine is in full spending mode, it seems. The last legs of "the Harper" remind me of the end of "the George Bush".

The fact is that procurement programs that ignore new and superior tools are ignorant and an indication of corruption. What is inside that "black box recorder"? Don't ask Julian he is a terrorist.

Seeing as the lifecycle of the CF-35 is mapped to “20xx”, it is wise to choose the next technology wisely. It would be nice to see Canadian Generals control spending for military, not our comprised leader by US companies. A la Avro Aero? History repeats. (I also assert that the Avro had more problems than benefits, but, scrapping innovation is silly). Politicians like to scrap things: maybe it is time to learn how to recycle the good and forget the bad: evolution.

The fact is that with UAV technology and unscrupulous sales of military weaponry by “GOP friends network” smaller nations will get access to a tool that can out perform the CF-35. Then it will be time for Canada to upgrade again.

Pop goes the Champagne! I have been to parties like this. I see the CF-35 as the next big CPC corker party PR opportunity.

Rock on Stevie, you are the spending machine, but can you conservatively assert you are correct against 2000 year old math?


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Institute for Canadian Citizenship: lets talk!

Atoms vs. Adam Goldenbergs: Who will Rube first?

Twitter communications are complex: this is math folks. Can you see through the "clouds computing"? You are reading this, so congratulations! Yes, science of communication is fun! Sometimes. Sometimes it is very serious.

Canada has its contributions to communications and Adam Goldenberg seems to be one of them. Harold Coxeter is, as well! How many Canadians are doing this communications stuff anyways? Enquiring minds want to know what I know now? Who knows!

Once upon a time, I saw "some dude on twitter": Adam Goldenberg. I think we “comprehen-tweeted”, because he shared with me something: a single communication.

He said it, I saw it. I thought he was funny. He jokingly referred to Julian Fantino using “my metalanguage” as "#rantino". Gold? No, Goldenberg!

I immediately defined “his” hashtag it for historical purposes. Check it out! Some people think I am a geek, well, I am. Or am I? Is all communications a joke for me? You decide! It is your opinion. Here is mine.

Using cloud computing is essential in communications. We need simple free access. For demonstration purposes, I like to exploit my 140 characters. I tweet "loud" and it "works". I am tricking the system. Whoops! All with free stuff: Twitter and a some blogs.

Since November 2nd, my communications have been amplified. Some weird people are following me. I wonder why? Can you guess why? Because Canadian science has always innovated communications, eh. But, it always seems that the scientists are always working on a global team. Geeks from all over the world. That is what I see. Always have. People with a passion for learning. Some learning that free is amazing! And free is!

Simple and free: So cool! This morning I asked a "#metaquestion" and got my answer, for free, in less than ~45 seconds. Cool? Did I trust the answer? In this case, "#yes : "What is #scio11"".

I found out fast, thanks to whowhatwhereever you are/were? Always remember to thank those that help you. I did. That is polite on twitter. I thank people for a reason: there is no "I" in Canada, just in "Team America".

Did my incredibly “loud mouth”, on Twitter, help me get entry to this “meeting on communication”? In a way, kind of? Seems like Adam was touting this meeting like a shameless communicator.

Yes, Adam and I have something in common: communication. At some point, our tweets crossed paths. Some say never cross the streams, but, lets look at the results.

Was I special? No, anyone can go to these meetings, Adam was just “my metalanguage link” to this meeting.

Thanks again, Adam. Sharing is very important. But, you will notice that it says free on the ticket, but it cost me $6 in total on the TTC, so your pricing needs “more honest” definition? I jest.

I do enjoy free information. Just wish I had free public transit. There is a free public transit group that follows me on twitter. Good luck with that! Adam, get on it? Not Adam Giambrone.

Adam “invited me” to a meeting on "communications". He was using twitter! I saw “his meeting” from “his” #cdnpoli hashtag. Communications is one of my favourite topics so, I went to this: “Where in the world is Canada? Building a global network of Canadians abroad “

Welcome from:
John Ralston Saul, C.C.
Co-Chair: Institute for Canadian Citizenship

Moderated by:
Tom Axworthy, O.C.
President / CEO: Walter & Duncan Gordon Foundation
Sonia Plaza - Senior Economist, WORLD BANK
Serafina Maiorano - CEO, ADVANCE AUSTRALIA
Jorge Zavala - CEO, TECH BA (Mexicans Abroad Network)
Ion Valaskakis - Executive Director, JEANNE SAUVÉ FOUNDATION

It was funny asking the OPP officer where the meeting was. He asked which meeting. I said "Where in the world is Canada?" I showed him this thingy that somehow was sent to me automatically. I had to print it. Adam, you forced me to print a paper? Adam, You are starting to make me think about "your" environmental impacts on "my" life. I wish it was scanned.

I used to work for Unova, this company had another division that made MEM's optical scanner technology with IBM. Interesting! And RFID. Spooky! They shared IP with IBM. Sharing. What a concept.

Walmart likes RFID, so do I, but, I do not like Walmart. To me, they somehow violate my definition of human rights: modern slavery? Might seem silly to say, but, that is my opinion. As a product designer. I would prefer to see RFID used to help people, but, that too is coming.

The speakers were all great! Well, except one, the one I was most interested in hearing from: Sonia Plaza. When I saw World Bank on the list, this meeting had my attention.

She was supposed to “Skype in”, sadly “the Skype” was all “Rogered up”. Good thing free markets deliver the best quality Internet, right? The meeting was still very great, even without Sonia. Thanks all who spoke and took the time to speak with me. Someday Sonia, someday.

I have never met any of these people. I am a designer. I like biking and geocaching and fishing. I looked at all your information that was free to me, and I like what each of you are working towards. I support you. You are important.

I wonder if there is a free Internet yet? I am not sure, when "they follow me" on Twitter, I will let you know. I bet it would work better than what I am getting. If it was open source, I would make it better, but, I am not that "kind of designer", but, that is how I would make it. I constantly live in torment being forced to use all these crappy products. Its amazing to see planned obsolescence so alive and well.

A lady in front of me had dropped her iPhone on the ground. I handed it back to her. I went to the technology meeting for that funky touch screen thingy. Cool. Being a green designer, I always laugh at how things break. I guess I could have stomped that cellphone, by accident, I hate cellphones for some reason, but, the reality is she would buy another that afternoon?

That, "I just dropped my.... in the...." Please help me distress call? People respond. Sending their data again. Perhaps only to be dropped in a toilet again. I know Rogers likes that idea. I have seen military laptops that can be dropped on concrete, dipped in water, etc. The military needs quality, the consumer market need consumption. Things are even better when the phones are free? What is free?

As a designer, I do not usually have to leave my keyboard : (a funny twitter metalanguage tweet) :

I prefer 2 #work around @ world #with #keyboard. Doing 4 10 years now! #No #plane rides needed! #Low #footprint! #carbon #math #iearth1st

The fact that Sonia was "Skype'in" was ironic. I never would have missed her from my computer! Adam, your meeting is making me angry? No, I just find it funny. Hows my #rantino?

I see Sonia is "very efficient". Poor technology, or, poor product? I am a product designer and consultant, so I will let you guess. It is a shame that a "world banker" cannot rely on modern communications.

I have worked on the designs of some situation rooms. The ergonomics, layouts. Massive walls of monitors. Important decisions. That technology has to work. Can we get this fixed first? Will free markets fix it for free? No, you pay for it. And it is still kind of crappy.

Do you care that I missed Sonia? I do. My free ticket was getting "free-er" by the second. No offence, great meeting! I am only joking about. But seriously, we need some "help in the 2011 department".

Great science, poor product execution by the economic "experts". People that release products according to marketing deadlines, not quality landmarks: let the lawyers figure it out if things go bad. I can see what goes in and what comes out. Watching technology enter one end and come out the other: sounds like the "telephone game", but, to many long distance charges and the game sucks. Too expensive to play, for what you really get.

Kevin O'Leary knows best?: Free markets provide the best results? Okay Kevin. Sorry, I digressed to Kevin O'Leary, but his screwed up technology of free markets is even funnier when it screws up his communication. Lets move forward, lets progress.

At the meeting, talking with the talkers is always fun. Everyone was all dressed up looking sharp. It was a great discussion, very positive.

In the question session, the gentleman that spoke of Terry Fox took "my cake".

Terry Fox is one of my heroes too! Go Ecuador!?! I cannot remember where you are from, but, you are my kind of "Canadian"! Even if you are not Canadian or are? Huh, no matter to me, Terry is pure gold! You and I have this in common! Thanks for sharing this with me! It made me smile.

Terry Fox is a symbol, something he and I both empathize and identify with: the "unpredictable spirit of humanity"?: not for profit?: for love?: pure passion?. The stuff that makes me go wow! What a person! I love Terry Fox! He is someone, I feel, that we can all be proud of. I think Terry is almost as big as my super-hero, Harold Coxeter!

Just my opinion. Are you okay with that? I hope so! He was also a great man. In fact, he did his "work" at the University of Toronto! The same place being criticized for being a "left and extreme left controlled entity".

None the less, you are correct "Mr. Ecuador", Terry has "no borders". Either does Harold, well, Harolds border was at the end of space and time?

I wonder what Harold thought of the limits of human thought. I wonder if Harold would like this blog of mine? The limits of my thoughts? I think so, seems like everyone loves the "positive science" blogs more than my "anti-military vitriol". You decide. What would you rather read? My fun stuff or my "negative" stuff? You decide: you vote?

I am proud that a scientist like Harold got to think freely and not be burdened with war in Toronto. People breaking down his walls. His space. Harold spent his last few days "working". Working on his love of mathematics. A smart man. "Canadian". My other math hero was Archimedes, he was killed early in "his career". Better security can provide: Better science, but, lets use this stuff for peace.

The US military loves Harold. Did Harold Enable HAL? Or was that terminator? Hey! I can design those! But, I choose only to design things for peace.

Can I exist like this? Will I be evolved out? Will my belief just be a nice idea? Obsoleted by thousands of years of hate. Here we are. How will science move us towards peace like this?

Terry Fox does have a better sculpture than Harold Coxeter, I think.

After what he gave to Canada, do you think he would respect someone that put a Copyright on the image of his sculpture? Is this ethical?

What about Harold? Does Harold have intellectual property rights on his ideas? Can he control what his ideas do after he has left us? Well, with a great lawyer, anything is possible! Ethics are mutable in the court of law.

What if there was an international union of scientists. Can we all get together and use your systems to shut you down? I assert yes.

Someone has violated the laws of "Harolds Universe"? I am not sure about the legalities of these ethics. All I know is that some things cannot naturally added up, thats all. I can even add apples and oranges for you! Is there anything science cannot do? Of course. Science is just ideas. Our universe is the canvas. We enable science. Are we doing this well?

The Terry Fox sculpture in Ottawa: You are quite a man Terry. You live on!

I also really like the big spider in front of the National Art Gallery. I would love to cast the bronze for that! What a cool design. I love cast metal. So permanent. As a product designer, I look at things like the pyramids and freak out. But, that spider-thingy is pretty freaky too!

I did notice a mess of Liberals at this meeting, smart crowd. Sure beats the town hall meetings in the USA where active citizens show with semi automatic assault weapons to symbolize their pride and support of America.

Not at this meeting, just smiles and handshakes: they seem to work a little better, open intelligent conversations yield the best results, it seems. I assert they do.

I would have stepped up to the microphone if Stephen Harper was a speaker, but, I know that exposing “me” to “him” would yield a "textbook political answer". I doubt that Stephen Harper gives away free tickets to an open microphone. I may be wrong, but, is that important?

If Adam Goldenberg tried to give me a free "Harper ticket", I would ask him to unplug his computer out of respect for Harold. That is a math joke. And no, they are not really that funny.

Seems like most of "these people" answered and discussed the topic in an open and honest fashion. People walked away with a little more than when they walked in. That is value: the value of positive discussion: sharing.

I zipped my mouth and did not speak, I saved this stuff for this blog. I did not want to waste these peoples time. If they are curious, they can read about this, it is their choice.

By the way, I think it is official, me talking about Stephen Harper is ancient history "in my books". I think I am over Stephen. I have to be. Canada needs to choose its next leader wisely.

I hope the Canadian Federal Election is not going to be a mirror of the US Midterms, a pathetic public lulled back into same “secret” process that always seems to create war and increase deficits with military spending. The "global war machine" is well "oiled".

Perhaps that is what all meetings should be about? Our "pathetic Canadian society"? Enthralled with the Justin Beibers as the USA warms up the debt machine to invade Iran.

I think those are the most important conversations: why are people so disconnected with their own democracy?

Some may say I am an alarmist, I say "I prefer to not waste time". I need progress in communication. Now the Internet is being looked at for revenue streams, in Canada? What about new science? Can I trust a government that ignores 250 Trillion dollar markets? #justsayin

Interesting to see the "new rebranded GOP" cut "non-military spending". I knew that would happen. I blogged about it already. Typical dishonest behaviour. I honestly think it is treasonous behaviour. Some lawyer is probably laughing. Well laugh it up fun boy.

Looks like the public needs the change that I and Barack Obama spoke of. Did Barack steal my schtickle? No, we have always known "it", but, now we are closer at proving "it", with science.

Oh ya, not you Jason Alexander, the lawyer. You were behind me, laughing. Funny to see a young lawyer getting out of law and into solar energy. If Jason is smart, he will talk to me. I charge a lot of money Jason. Is it a good investment? You decide.

Sorry you left early, I wanted to shake your hand. I wanted to call you "Costanza". Ever heard of that one? Enjoy. And good luck in solar. If Harper is ignoring a 250 Trillion Dollar Market, you know you are off “the right track”.

Get rich my friend, but, please, donate something for free. People need you and you will need them. "Energy is the next gold". Adam, you cannot have that. It is mine. Enjoy your #rantino.

What Canada must focus on now is minimizing the CPC party. I will be very happy for a #4 CPC, Go Bloc! Go anybody! Go anybody but the CPC. I want Canadian leadership, not the next "Bushian throw back to big business interests in war profiteering".

Conventional war does not defeat a asymmetric enemy. Intelligence does. Something the CPC lacks. Sorry for wasting your time with these jokes, but, I think that Stephen Harper is a criminal and that is no joke, for me: for whom the bell tolls.

I was sad to not be able to chat with Colin Robertson. I wanted to get his ideas on the CF-35 and his 30 second solution to terrorism. I thought he was a leader. Smart speaker. Excellent communicator. Hope you find your shoes, Colin. I think I trust Colin. He shares his ideas and humour. Something I can identify with.

Before I "start this", please remember, if you try to stick me "to any political party", I will sue you for slander, I am a simple scientist. I am not a politician.

I wish I never felt I had to come to some meeting about communication. I just want safe communications. Mr. Harper does not improve my "future safety factor". Call me nuts, but my tea-leaf readings are clarified by my understanding of the immoral behaviour of remorseless individuals. Highly predictable behaviour. Sounds sick: it is.

I have blogged about the communication skills of the CPC party. Calling for assassinations of my “current heroes”. This naturally makes me scared? No, I am not scared of Tom Flanagan or Julian Fantino. These are small men. Something my grandfather taught me.

The "biggest men I know" are filled with love and speak using the words of love. They have courage. They have balls. Big ones, Sorry Colbert, you talk about your big set, but, your fear based messages lack real balls, oh wait its a parody: Stephen, you have a massive set: or his writers? Who knows. Something is swinging over there.

I see some women growing balls too! Its amazing. Makes me happy to see women leadership. What took so long? But ladies, what about the balls on Sarah Palin? Is she smearing your balls (thanks Trey Parker)? Sad to see that the results of female leadership efforts result in a GOP puppet: Palin. Did "they" plan it like that?

I hearing Jason Kenny tweet with no regard. I hearing how the CPC is going to "march" into Toronto and "bust things" up.

What is with the violent terms and violent language. Are the CPC tough? No, I assert they are afraid. That is how they behave: like emotionally immature people. Science can prove it? Maybe, I hope so. That is the technology I want to see. I have blogged about it already. I know it is coming.

The CPC thrives on disaster capitalism? "Smashing" and "destroying" is key to business. Especially in psychological warfare.

Is using negatives to define "their positives" the ultimate "impact" for "scaring" a young "unstable" man "enough" to shoot a politician?

The only trickle down effect I see are those things: Acts of hate and intolerance.

I hear the same "hate speech" in Canada. Always the same: quiet "language of negative". Is it the message of Fox News? Fear. They know it works. But, is it ethical? Is it ethical if we could measure this using science? Is using lies and fear legal? Is it ethical? Can science prove it is ethical?

Some people think I am a liberal pacifist, but, when I have the hard results that indicate the potential of destabilizing my society, how will I react? Will I use fear and hate? No, I cannot, my "positive evolution" must bypass the "killing game". I call that "Manning up".

Can we use science to measure the impacts of war on soldiers, their families? Can we use science to measure the impacts of war on citizens, their families? I assert yes. Seems like violence will never work for peace. How can it? You know my favourite George Carlin quote: "Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity". Is it ethical for me to use this quote. Seems socially unacceptable. Some may be offended?

See, I am offended: here is what offends me: click here! There are more things that offend me, but, who cares!

Science is slowly building upon several thousand years of advanced ideas. Some good, some bad. Good thing is: we keep the good and obsolete the bad. Never erase it. Many loud voices are collecting around the world. That is evolution. Science is in a funny space. Seems the world just got "bacon-free". Sorry Kevin.

Social networks are bringing out the positive activists in us. Is that ethical? People supporting this cause and that. People working together to meet obtainable and positive goals they support. When these "things" are "finished", these tiny actions, people are naturally happy. They made a difference, they helped someone else. What makes me happy is giving and volunteering: my opinion.

Just like I am volunteering this "whacko blog". Enjoy!

Can I speak as a citizen and be free of judgement? Will companies shy away from an active citizen like me? If I was in a bike cause, or walking cause or any cause, does that give someone the right to discriminate against me?

Because I am a scientist and I know that the government leadership is poor and needs help, am I blacklisted? I don't care, I have cloud computing. I can prove you read this. Do I care who reads this? No. Think of it as my gift to you. If you read this and discriminate against me, I can prove it. Seems like the "roaches cannot understand that their light switch no longer works".

If I say the government needs to be improved, will the government exclude my opinion? I do not care. I know I want peace and freedom of science. If this makes me a domestic terrorist, come arrest me now.

Well, "they can try", but, too may voices trying to achieve something positive cannot be stopped. Especially if these things come from honest places. Places of change. Places of peace.

Places that cannot be judged and impeded by the courts and the lawyers, like Ezra Levant. Is Ezra accountable? I assert no. Can I sue Ezra? I would love to. He has already talked to me, interjected even. See, I keep all records Ezra, If you can destroy cloud computing, you will destroy my evidence of your slanderous remarks regarding mathematics and Canadian Heroes like Harold Coxeter. I have you on record. By nature of your tweets, you asserted that toxic pollution is ethical. Is it Ezra? Did you forget you talked to me?

Look at my followers on Twitter, these people are not shy. They know I make mistakes. I am human. But, all I want is a green planet. Some people think climate change is a joke. Some people can see it, I can.

Some can think differently about a problem, so complex, it is technically infinite in its complexity. Is Ezra qualified to make assertions of ethics? Are his methods ethical? Can I see his mathematics? I hope that is what he used for his book, because if there is a justice system, I can use my math to slam people like Ezra away for unethical and sub-human behaviour.

Laugh it up Ezra. I am coming for you? Perhaps, If things get slow in my green business, I just might donate my time to sue you. Atheists in Europe are starting to sue the Bible and Koran. Why should a scientist be subject to the delusions of the insane? Is that ethical?

I do not endorse the concepts of time or infinity. These are human symbols. I jest. Would Harold agree with me? I wonder. Is science ethical?

I want a healthy future for everyone. Persecute and criticize me at will. I will engage with any speaker on any subject. I have an opinion and I use it. I think citizens have failed themselves in our technology age. “Angry Birds” vs. “Save my Planet”. You decide.

When will the consumers wake up? They are! Slowly, but I can see it. People are trying to be greener, but, how they do that is also up for debate. That is my domain: I see governments spending money on "green". I hope they spend it well. I can see the failures already.

Do you want my free opinion of the ethics of spending tax dollars on green programs? Or can I just go straight to the courts and sue politicians for lying to the public.

Will science wait for the ethics of government to catch up to 2011? I assert no, science will not wait. It never stops.

Want to enter into my discussion Ezra Levant? He tried and failed, but, he is a dishonest communicator. Most people feel this about Ezra it seems. Ethical oil.

What about "servitude to our future of peace". But, you are not free Ezra. I want to free you. Can I design your positive future? Yes, I can. With help, I will. You defended my friend Ezra, and I will defend you from yourself. As much as I disagree with you, I respect your freedoms more.

Yes. Communication is important. In psychology the length and complexity of communication is a signal of “healthy positive discussion”. The more “positive” it is, statistically, the better the resulting action. I can even respect the right not to speak, but, I do not respect your choice to not communicate, that is my freedom, Ezra. Your freedom ends where mine begins? I am not sure.

Stephen Harper does not like open discussion. I say this because Ezra Levant wrote a book about tarsand and ethics. Does Ezra believe in ethical open discussion? I know he does not. He asserted to me that AE had a poor ROI versus oil. This is a lie. Math can prove it. I kept a book titled Thermodynamics. Does it still apply, I think so. Ezra, have you broken my laws of the universe? My math? Did you beat it? Are you ethical? Can you prove it? No Ezra, you are a liar. Math can prove that. I am irrelevant, Levant

Can I sue Ezra for slandering science? I assert yes. Will I? No, it wastes my time. I am trying to help my planet. Ezra is a waste of time, that is my opinion. Sorry Ezra. ( that goes out to all my American friends that always asked, “Why are you sorry all the time?”). I stopped saying that a long time ago: "Sorry". I am not sorry. Thanks America!

Those Americans are smart, why am I saying I am sorry? Because sometimes I think Canada is kind of sorry. But, we can change.

We can be proud and say it too! It is okay. Some people criticize intellectuals. I noticed that in the America, some took pride in their ignorance. That, I was sorry for. Gotcha smart Americans! #nailedya

Once you start technology you cannot stop it. Science marches on. Will humanity use it for positive or negative?

As we see now, technology is usually a “spin off military hand me down”. Governments thought that better communication controls can control humanity, but, those things never work, nature always finds a way to communicate. I am waiting for China to open their Internet. Is trade with China ethical? Or are we Americas' deposit on Chinas massive debt? Seems like China and the world invested in Canadas oil.

I would rather conserve our oil. I would rather have alternative energy be Canadas export, not "rototilling Alberta" for the stuff that got us into this greasy global mess of war and power.

It is comical to look at ethics in Canada: look at organized crime, in Canada. These crime bosses walk my streets, free. “Untouchable”. Really? I disagree that they are untouchable. Seems like the definition of evidence needs a little “2011 spring cleaning" using science. Can I help design that? Sure. But, when the politics are broken, the technology never mattered to begin with.

How can we get "known domestic terrorists" in jail? These people rule with fear and death, yet, they survive and prosper in my land of the free. Can we change this? We have to. We need communication to eliminate the big terror threats first. The local ones.

The threats that, left unchecked, turn into the next "Al Qaedas": power and tyranny. This is old human technology: war. No more "wars on things".

Governments love to scrap things. In my business that is a sign of failure. We build quality into process to avoid "scrap". I was proud to work on a team that designed something that only had 3 errors per million. I wish government used the same science tools. Will they evolve?

Security is trust. Trust is hard to earn and with the "high turnover rates in politics", who knows what you are getting. Why should I have to live in Canada and be subject to known domestic terrorists? Why are these domestic terrorists manipulating government for profit? You decide.

Why does Mr. Harper support organized crime and killing? (A “trick question” technique I learned from a Karl Rove “supporter”). When will we track down each member of organized criminal activity in Canada? Is it healthy to have these people among us? Look at the things they do. They terrorize.

Look at what hate spawned in Toronto. Some kids that think blowing stuff up for god is important to improve my world. Catching these guys was amazing! Well done security system.

As much as I bash security, they seem to do a great job. Are they free to nail the mob bosses in Montreal or Toronto? Is evidence obsolete in courts? Are these people being protected? Are we protecting the oil and war profiteers in the USA? I am not sure.

The drugs, the human trafficking, the mental torture, the tyranny and who can forget the massive white collar crimes. The big juicy ones. The "Wall St. Ideals" of growth: inventing money (another human symbol). All these known bad guys all here and healthy in Canada. Is this normal acceptable ethics? Ezra are you busy? Keep defending my oil? Oh, okay.

And Harper wants better Internet laws for snooping? Looks like the justice system needs an overhaul. A system that lets the "big fish go" will be caught by us, "Joe Public"?

When the public organizes, good things and bad things can happen. Governments know this. With “eco terrorists” getting charged and investigated, will a CPC government paint me as a domestic terrorist, even though I do assert I am not in my “cloud computing disclaimer”.

Does Mr. Harper endorse organized crime? I assert yes, according to the "gospel of St. Karl Rove". Ever notice my distaste for Karl Rove?

Please, lets lock up the bad guys and not some stupid teenagers smoking pot. I know some lawyer can debate this. Good. Is it ethical? Time to fix this fast. Even Zellers can tell you the biggest problem is employee theft. Oh wait, were they "targeted" to say that? Or is that their expertise?

Now we have a global network of “activists” all supporting more open governments? I see something growing: groups of active people, they call it crowd sourcing. I assert that I am an activist. I use my keyboard. Are people listening? I think some are. I keep getting positive reinforcement. Who will stop my keyboard? Maybe Mr. Harper will?

I jokingly sent out this tweet:

Dear █████ of Parliament, I was █████████ for ███ █████ . I hope ████ Canada! Good ████! #cdnpoli #wikileaks #pmharper #freedom #iearths1st

Minutes later, a human rights lawyer (I cannot remember exactly) asked me why this tweet was redacted. I told him I redacted it. I thought it was funny. Once he knew it was a joke, he disappeared, poof. I cannot even remember who it was. Why? Because I can always go back and find out. Can you? Yes. This is transparency folks.

What if I was not joking? Would that person be alarmed? I assert yes.

These “crowds in the clouds” can self organize quickly. That is swarm theory! That is math! Yes, using math we can also see how human behaviour is also like a colony of ants. That is math too! Julian Assange had "50 data mirrored sites, for free", in a few hours? Talk about crowd sourcing. I bet many never met Julian, I bet some think that Julian is kind of a loser, but, who cares about Julian, wait, the government scraped up some excuse to violate his human rights.

Those sneaky lawyers! Ezra, how sneaky am I?

Need, action, reaction! Results speak, I call it evidence.

And all those sneaky people used math, do they even know they use it.

Can governments cope with the new "whack a mole game of information" against a bunch of science geeks that designed the security systems? Some nerd with a family that he feels he is threatened by Stephen Harper or Rience Pribus?

Will nerds be silent? I assert no, you can see them support Julian for some "currently socially unacceptable" reason.

I am on the Wikileaks list. I follow Julian Assange. I never got the disclaimer about who I follow. Is this ethical to list me? Do you think that I am a threat? Were my human rights violated by listing me? Now, there is an ethics debate!

Can I get my mental health accessed quickly? Does Canada think that anyone that criticizes a part of government, or as a whole, is a threat? Does Ontario even support its own brain research to provide a public access model for mental health? No. Too expensive? We must save money, right? What if we start it off correctly then let the free markets mess it up?

I thought it was comical that some of the speakers at the “Where is Canada” discussion spoke of people that follow me on twitter. There are many.

The speakers at this discussion were quoting them and somehow, just like Kevin Bacon, I was connected to these people on Twitter. They follow me, I only follow people the interest me, at first.

Carolyn Bennett was at this meeting, She follows me on twitter. Why do these people follow me on twitter? I am not sure, but they do. It is their choice. I do not judge Carolyn. Can she unfollow me after reading this blog? Yes, it is her freedom of choice. Use it Carolyn, but remember, please support my "Freedom of Speech".

If I offend you, please, watch the clip that offends me again.

One of the speakers was from Australia, I bet she knows of Bill Williamson, he follows me on twitter.

The “gold of this meeting” was my experiment: My “Goldenberg Principle”?

I approached "Adam Goldenberg". Did not think he would be at the meeting. I said “Hi” then said “Rantino”. Immediately he knew who I was. Experiment success? Yes. It was my fun communication experiment. Adam said “You should blog about this”, and bolted off to attend to his busy business. Well Adam, be careful what you ask for. Just kidding, I was planning to "discuss this meeting". It is part of my communication adventure. I showed to that meeting for that purpose.

I also went for more shameless self promotion. Thanks Adam!

So, since November 2nd, 2010 midterm elections, I have used metalanguage to attract people to my “green message” and my “government green” discussions. I am a blogger, I give my information for free. I am not selling anything. I have no PR firm. I am a guy. I have a keyboard and a unique perspective on the “evolution of humanity” and “communications with respect to green”. It is hard to explain, but, lets just say, I am on track. Metalanguage can help all of you? Will you learn to speak "#it"?

I talk about some weird concepts. Here is some: Metaman was “born” on 9/11, well, that is when I saw it with clarity. "Global superconsious" is part of the evolution of technology and communications. Now we have, in a short time, expanded communications to Twitter. Amazing! Twitter is my favourite chat thingy ever!

140 Characters to small for a bit message? No problem! Maybe I deserve that shorty award? In which category? I gave one to Carolyn in innovation. Will she reciprocate my communication? I hope so. Reciprocation in communication is a fundamental system of trust? I am not qualified, but, I think so.

In the same time frame, since 9/11, we have some "hard evidence" of the "soft wiring of human psychology". Add these two things together and poof: the world is getting smaller again, but I assert I still do not want to paint it.

Two amazing events! While the world is chasing “the Osama”, science quietly moves forward. Driven by millions of people. Working with the same toolset: science and math but most of all passion. So many talented people all growing their “little patch of knowledge”.

Sharing it and helping others grow theirs. Politics and governments are stuck in rigid systems, but, science has no rules about what is and what is not science. “Its all good but the bad parts”. The parts that work live, the parts that fail should be obsoleted. Have you obsoleted your bad science? Don't worry. It is not your job, nor is my job politics.

You cannot control technology. It has its own engine: intelligence. Global intelligence.

Technology is accelerating: I remember getting a new PC every 4 months with my “service package”. But now, I have cloud computing and this free stuff is blowing my mind. Is yours blown? Maybe not yet.

Some of you folks at the meeting today are "a few years behind". But, that is natural, things take time to evolve into powerful tools. But, all your ideas and concerns will eventually work in your favour. You will make it happen. We have the tools and the passion! All we need it for more science and more teaching about cool communications.

Hopefully for free. That is one of my dreams: “Free sharing”. We learn so much faster in a positive environment: we can share faster for free. Did the free markets shudder? Lets hope so. They need an ethical makeover too.

I heard some very positive ideas. The capitalism of communications and the security of communications. We need the best: It helps both economy and health. It helps save lives. It also helps provide life.

It is sad to see the honest scientists at Nortel screwed out of their “secure job”. All it took was a few Kevin O'Leary types and building a head office in China. Is this criminal? Is it ethical?

I see war as a form of capitalism and government, stuck in a loop of fear. Do we need war to make better science? No. Science is free. But, should scientists start claiming ownership of their thoughts? It would be funny if you had to licence "Harold Coxeter knowledge".

Can a "worldwide-geeky-network" of “evil geniuses” say we wont make things that kill people anymore? I professed such a statement. Last week I turned down a design job for Halliburton. That is me. Progress is people building positive things. That is what I desire. I want to help others. Simple. Sorry Halliburton, I will never work for you. You are not my ethical future.

If you are a “whacky leader”, watch out, science has changed in the past 5 years. Are you caught up? I am not, but, I know enough. The human mind is no longer in the shadows. Thanks science! Mental health is now becoming main stream with technology. Thank goodness!

The conservatives, in Ontario, threw most of the “mentally unfit” into the streets of Toronto. I guess to save money. I wonder if they even balanced the budget. That was Mike Harris? How is the government in Ontario now? Who cares, just look at the damage this “conservative mentality” has lead us too. It damaged the Ontario economy. Leaving the mess to the likes of Dalton McGuinty to clean up. Poor Dalton. I would find it entertaining to discuss this with Hudak. I have blogged about his already.

Now the CPC is acting “all tough about breaking the walls around Toronto”. They always seem to use the negative imagery. Why? They rule with fear and ignorance? They think that reducing costs is the goal, but, they are wrong. Look at the condition Canada is in now, what happened?

The government lost control of its product quality. I have studied product quality. It is my science. I can rate the current quality, but, I would rather sell ideas for money.

Some call me a commie, but, I want to earn money. Not "fake" war money. I want an honest living.

Poor Harolds math has been stolen by the military. Now Harolds "passion for knowing" is being used to kill. The technology works great. It was designed to. Poor designers forced to use Harolds passion to kill others. Can science be liberated for peace?

Do people give a shit about Harold? I do! He is my math hero!

A CPC Ontario just might send me packing out of Canada for good. If this is what progress is, well, I am going to progress my way, out of Canada. Sorry Charlie.

There is no future here for me. My instincts are to move on. To a place I can prosper and be happy. Does that place exist?

Iceland here I come? I love geothermal energy! And Bjork! But, I love my country.

Tony Clement visited the GM tech centre in Detroit ( Well, Warren Michigan ). Why? I guess he wants to go look at the past. GM is the worst company. They made us use an auction system to buy capitol equipment. GM put most of it suppliers out of business. Using its smart management approach, they killed the company. The free markets should have let GM die, but, too big to fail. I guess Nortel was not big enough to fail?

Oh Canada. We have history in communication. What happened? Can I fix you?

My grandfather helped come up with the idea of a standard car radio in cars. In St. Catherines, Ontario. Ontario used to be a centre for innovation. Business killed that fast. The Kevin O'Learys know best?: now look at St. Catherines.

I guess Tony Clement had no where to visit in Ontario anymore. He knows that.

Tony, you should have driven south from the Tech Centre to 9 mile and Mound. That is where I used to work. Go a couple blocks south, and you can see the results of your government ideas about progress.

My old professor, Dr. Fries helped start the automotive centre of excellence in Windsor Ontario. I am sure he could discuss the issues with government and business. Most likely he would tell you that banks would rather risk their investments in questionable foreign investments rather than growing the economy in Ontario.

I am not sure. Maybe I should see if he has a blog. Poor Dr. Fries. Such a place of innovation. I guess Windsor G-20 meetings were actually a signal of poverty and despair? Put up those fences: the smart guys just rolled into town.

I guess Tony Clement can look forward to future markets of razor wire and prisons. That is the GOP model. Lets hope "Tony's Fences Inc" never gets a foothold in Ontario or Canada.

But, as hard as business tries to kill Ontario science, it just finds a way. Brain research in Toronto is amazing, of course we cannot use it on our own mentally needy citizens. But, that seems to be the Canadian way: invent cool stuff and sell it elsewhere.

In good spirit, maybe Stephen Harper can take the next plunge into the PR pool and lead by example. I am sure the rock n' roller would love to jump into help Canadian science, right?

Maybe we need to diagnose Prime Minister Harper to help showcase this technology. It would be good for business! Of course I want to see the results. Do you? "Pay per view" or "On Demand"? Who cares! Sign me up! Pass my organic popcorn!

Who is Stephen Harper? I want to know. Do I want a quality check on my leaders? I do not have time to discover they are "telling me the truth". I need to trust my leaders, now. We are getting closer to this technology. Will this be used for military again or to help people.

Is this a "Kubark moment" or a "Help people moment"? Is helping people even worth it anymore?

Seems like people are starting to not trust governments with information. I would not. I don't. I kind of want "it out in the open".

I do not trust the GOP party in the United States of America. Seems they like to hide a lot of information. Even make some of it up. Is that ethical?

I am not sure, I am not in politics. Is national security more important than me?

In fact, I want kids to look at science for free. I demand they have access to science, for free. It is coming. Free school. I am writing a blog on it. It is ten pages so far. So hard to cover that topic in my desired short order. Argh the piles of "volunteering"? Nah! It will get done. I promised myself to share my opinion with the world. I am not silent.

I wrote a free security program for science. Sounds weird? Yes, I also did it for fun and free. I am using could computing to disseminate free information. That is our future? If you are in politics or business, look out, don't be a "middle man", be a source! Seems like a free source sells. It does. Many organizations commented on my Blogs: "that is what we are working towards".

These are important to me. I see people like me, scientists, bypassing the governments that hold us back. That is evolution. I call it Metaman. I joke that governments are obsolete in 2011. In some respects they are.

I had a very heated argument with my father while writing this. I called him and we communicated. He thinks the likes of Julian Assange are a huge problem. I agree. People blurting out information can result in a mess. Spys outed, security compromised.

I support Julian. Is Mr Harper taking note? Yes, His security systems will crunch this document. I like it like that. It is fun to write words to fight the security systems I do not support with the knowledge of security systems to get my message propagated further? Does it make sense?

Did I find an information systems loophole? A security expert reading this may laugh and think this is funny, and to some it is. I sometimes laugh when I write these, but, I have also cried. Sometimes security is not funny.

To those that point at Julian Assange, I point to Iraqi citizens. Will any politician stand up and compare them? No. That is a career stopper. Dead Iraqi civilians. I still maintain that we need to charge the top banana for war crimes. Do you feel the same way? Or are hundreds of thousands of dead civilians the cost of our security?

Am I out to lunch? Maybe I am. I am not sure. I feel that using the wrong tool can sometimes lead to poor results. You decide. Was Japan and World War II are great use of nuclear weapons?

I have had this ethical debate many times. Some feel it is wise to use nuclear weapons. It saves lives. I wonder if they will support a China made nuke being dropped on their city. They can bask in the efficiency of it all. Smart! Saves time!

I took my time, for Adam, on this blog. I wanted to communicate something to him: People are your resource and you need them connected. And the rules of politics are changing fast. I assert that Tony Clement should not be tweeting. Representing such a dishonest "oil platform" is scientifically ethical?

I want Tony Clement to make Canadian Navy Ships filled with "water kits" empty. I want those things sent by the love and support of caring people to hit "the target": citizens. Red tape that holds that ship at dock is the problem. Corruption seems to be the issue. Well, it is always an issue in politics. Even Zellers knows this.

Do citizens support this red tape? Why is that ship sitting there? My dad and I discussed this. He asked me how this Twitter can solve that. I am not sure dad. As I said, this is a work in progress. Good things take time to build. When they are independent of corruption, maybe these tools can outperform Tony Clement. Lets hope so, Tony is failing.

Can humanity afford to have an unaccountable government? Is this delivering me freedom? Business guys speak of free markets as the "touchstone of faith". Good luck. The clock is ticking on that crazy human symbol: money. People will find a way to eliminate the bad business, that is evolution. Seems like the free markets need my money to save itself? Is the show over on Wall St. Can all the dogs and ponies finally be free?

We see boycotts already and more to come. People will not be silent. I take hope in this. It makes me smile to see people taking control. I trust people. I can "size up" people fast. Sizing up a party like the CPC is easy as well. Something is protecting their ability to operate like this. This has to change. It is unacceptable behaviour, but, will people behave any better?

Many were shocked when an "unstable dude" shoots a female member of congress in the head. All the fingers started to point. It was refreshing to see the CPC comments of “restraint”. Funny, it is just information. Funny how some criticize for sharing. I popped that news before most people heard it. I guess when an individual makes a mistake, it is unethical? Is that forgiving? I flipped the first message from NPR. It had a question mark at the end of it. I guess those "honest right-wingers" did not see that? Were they behaving honestly? Or, will they say anything to support "their Foxy agenda"?

I assert that military activity is not green. I assert that the security we use now, its hurting our planet. So, how is security providing me the security I want. Well, my head is in the clouds. Seems like the purpose for security is profit, not security.

All my tweets are backed up, just like Julian Assange. Of course Echelon is backed up right? We will see. Eventually all data will be open? Is honesty and openness the best security policy?

I know that some of those wikileaks demonstrated one thing: violation of basic oaths taken in office. I guess acting like a professional in matters of international security is "not the culture" of peace? Is being professional part of the code? What about the professionalism in our house of commons, in Canada?

Can we replace good ideas with scientific facts? Can we replace argument a self interest with progress? I joke that science will not wait. Evolution moves on. Do Canadians think they are getting value for their tax dollars?

There are many technologies coming out right now: real-time fact checking. I came up with Liedar, a system to keep politicians on track. Would it work? Not sure, I made it up for fun. I am a designer.

I have made connections all over the world since November 2nd, 2010. A text based open source security system. Free: Interesting. The point is that we have twitter and cloud computing now. Seems like all the middle men just went pop? They kind of did. Sorry Adam? No we still need Adam Goldenberg. Smile Adam.

It was funny to hear about people talking “Canada” in this meeting. I guess in my circle of geeks you always get a mix. I have never worked on an "all Canadian team". There is no such thing in my world.

When I worked in the USA, I was surrounded by geeks, I was not alone. All talented people. A whole bunch of multiple PhD Mechanical Engineers, dudes with degrees, scientific managers, expert machine builders with dirty hands putting things together and talking about microns and many expertise suppliers. This was Michigan! The US has some very talented people! Fact is: we were a single team. And we loved to deliver! That is all gone now. Seems like business thought all this stuff would perform better in China. Actually, France also owns a chunk of what I worked on. Those sneaky French, eating their French Fries all the time! ;)

The science in America is amazing! Of course America is smart, but, along side those Americans were: Russians, Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Iraqis, Israelis, Iranians, Canadians, Polish, French. People from all over was the theme. Yes, I missed some countries.

Funny. I was an “Ottawa upstart” ( born in Ottawa ) and lived all over Canada. I was always an immigrant? I guess yes. I am very mobile. Now, my home is this planet. From Ottawa to Global. That is growth.

I Worked with a diverse group of scientists: mostly men, but also some clever women that can think your socks off! Everyone was smart and polite. I guess when you are from another country, the talented know how to behave? In a way, I felt I was the face of Canada. People form opinions of Canada when they meet Canadians. That is psychology folks. Can't beat the science or perception. I made it a point to carry around a hot steaming pile of poutine, just kidding.

I asserted on November 2, 2010 that we are an empathic species. The most positive and powerful future for all is thought, peace and sharing. Fear is the "rip off" story. Protecting fear is worse. It only leads to trouble.

It was joyous, for me, to hear President Barack Obama give the same message. When Barack first spoke, I asserted that he would become President. I also asserted that the GOP would stall him. Why am I always so correct? I am not always correct, I make mistakes. But, I know how the GOP thinks. I am cursed with understanding evil and how it operates? That maybe an overstatement.

It was reassuring to hear John Ralston speak. At moments I could feel his frustration with government. He is a "pinko artist author type", but, I could feel his anger with regards to conservative rumblings about the Lebanese Canadians, in Lebanon. He took pride in how Canada took care of its citizens in time of need. A time they needed security and help.

I am proud of Canada. We need to take care of “us and everyone”. We need to defend each other. We need to help. And we are. The globe is getting smaller. I still will not paint it. I have never met John Ralston, never read his books, but, feeling his words, I think I trust John. I think he is a good guy.

When Warren Kinsella ripped though my blogs, I tried to communicate with him. Silence. Do I trust Warren? No, he blocked me on twitter. I did not make a positive connection with him. I have the evidence of him reading my stuff. I only had about 45 blogs, somehow his website read 87 of them. Not even a thank you. Is this proper behaviour. Sorry Warren, I did not know who you were. I asked, but, you just shut me off. So, I do not trust you.

When I dream, “my scientists” are free, can we finally put all these "pinko artists out of work"? Is a happy John a quiet John? Nah, we will just have more “happy face art” and books that explore loftier questions. Seems like humanity has had this conversation too long? This is my prediction. I hope I am wrong. A global superconsious is growing, government cannot control it.

I loved working with so many cool people. I learned some very simple answers to some very complex questions ( I already kind of knew these ): all everyone wants is to be happy and safe. To have a happy and healthy family. Smart smiles. Smart kids. It is the key to my "smart future". No matter where you are from seems one can always identify a happy person, no words needed. Smiles are pure communication. No Google translate required and I don't want to translate smiles.

I believe that we can all be happy. Anything is possible. I am very optimistic about Canadas future, but, I want it to be a future of leadership in peace. Something Canada has been tarred and sanded with by the likes of the oil industry and military complex.

I want the Canadian Military disbanded. I want them rebranded as: Peace Force, ya, Peace Force. Sounds better? Sure, advertising is important, it sends a message. That can be our message. We can be first? Can Canada Lead? Can Canada help “infect our globe with positive” and help show how a happy global community works?

Can we lead by example. People make the difference, not governments. Seems to me that many at this meeting showed me “their peace”. John expressed his in both his opening and closing remarks. Well said John. You are a talented person.

I lead by my examples. No cellphone, no car, no business cards, no luxury fur hats.

Am I the living contradiction of human mate selection? Does anyone find me sexy? Is there is hope in evolution? I assert yes.

When will the world innovate to "my idea" of “free”? Soon I hope. We all need free communications more than ever. I wonder if the CRTC has the stones to open that bandwidth of AM back to the public. We could call it the “Signal Hill of Hope”?

Let it be open source, just like Marconi got to "play with". This is 110 years later? How about get it ready for the 111th anniversary! I can dream about free things.

I wonder about how some of these creative young kids would react to their own digital playground? But, let their be consequence to their action. Maybe we can “trick them” into behaving like the youth that sailed a young Darwin on the Beagle: with responsibility and democratic opinions. Let "the little geeks" decide what "free" is for you, for "free"!

And the free markets cringe. They will. Once humanity can eliminate the "middle men" then productivity is increased by orders of magnitudes. How will it work? I have no idea.

That is what swarm theory is. What a crazy experiment. So, lets open this to the world! Let Canada lead again. For Harolds sake!

Own your destiny. Become a leader all by yourself. Don't let anybody control you. I trust you. I trust science. I trust math. Can you trust me? I hope so. This is just my opinion. I am sure lots of this is a little out there. Good.

That is "where I like to think", just leave me alone, and take your war with you!

A positive evolution of humans is possible. Now we know what makes us “tick” and now is the time we must all learn what makes this planet “tick better”. The clock will not wait for us and I cannot wait for my government to send everyone to the “environmental training program”. I already disproved time for you!

There is no time. No time to waste!

My dad said "You cannot lead a horse to water and make them drink", but, I retorted "what if I only deal with thirsty horses?". Seems like they care about clean water. Its only natural.

If Canada thinks that tarsands is ethical, I guess ignorance of science is ethical.


P.S. - this was almost as hard to write as this blog: “Adult Conversations”.

P.S.S. - think you are smart and do not believe in supernatural stuff? Become a Bright But, please, you must choose for yourself. It is your Freedom and by definition, I will respect your choice, but, perhaps not your opinion. Can you respect mine?

P.S.S.S. - Harold Coxeter: 1962: "Mathematics and Music" in the Canadian Music Journal.

P.S.S.S.S. - Graham Chivers: 2011: "Art is Science" : #iearth1st

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Future Canadian Security

Canadian Security: a “lighter” look at the future of the “darker” side.

I sometimes get frustrated with politics in Canada. It's the things that make me go “Huh”. Some would say that writing about ones frustrations is healthy and I agree. It is good to get this off my chest. Hope this helps you. So lets have some fun shall we?

The assassination the other day is making many say: we need more security for politicians. Is that what we need in Canada?

How long have we had this “legal system”? How long have we had this “system of government”? Are we so wrapped up in a "G20 style existence" that we need seperation of citizen and system? I assert no. I think added security is an alarmist excuse to buy into the only thing the CPC is giving away for free: Fear.

This is 2011, are “these systems becoming obsolete”? I assert yes, unless they “smarten up" fast.

“Journalists reporting crap about politicians that have no power and a corrupt system that is manipulated for the a war economy model of infinite returns”. To harsh? Perhaps.

These are broken tools. Left unchecked, these systems are naturally corrupted. Thats life: the turds always float to the top? That is the old system. It does not work. America is the 69th empire? Who cares. Lets look forward. What works and what does not work?

Work = Force * Distance (work equals force times distance), in scientific terms.

I do not see humanity getting “further in peace” ( distance ), using this much “force for war”. Do you?

“Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity” Thanks George Carlin!

It is interesting to see the GOP, in the USA, starting to question the validity of science in courts. We have Republican leaders telling us that “god” will save us from climate change, if climate change actually exists. Is this just Intelligent Design backdraft? I am not sure. But, in Texas, just makes sense to pollute less. Even six year old kids understand this concept?

If you think it is a joke about how much extra money it would have cost to avoid the BP oil spill, you are correct. It is a joke. How cheap and stupid are rich people? I am not sure, can we test them?

We see an American system, broken, one side trying to fix it, the other side stalling anything the otherside wants to accomplish. Seems like the CPC in Canada is up to the same game: “mess up Canada” so “the otherside” has to waste time fixing it. Kind of like that “stupid kid” that wants to play “52 card pickup” all the time ( sorry, kid ).

If we have one side that is dishonest about leadership, how can politics function properly?

Canada had a decent international reputation. Much like George Bush tarnished the already tarnishing “USA brand” globally, so has Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Now we have a 2-bit Canadian image: red and white, not good enough for the blue yet. Some day we will advance to the 3 bit system? I am not sure.

Does Stephen think he is progressive leadership? Does he know that more countries are writing us off as the “GOP lap dog with all the water and oil”? Does Stephen have choice? I assert no.

I love Canada. It is comforting to know I can go to the store and not get taken out by an Apache helicopter spraying deleted uranium on me and my new organic lettuce garden.

I am not picking on the people that designed or fly or maintain the Apache, just the people that make the markets for Apache helicopters. I guess that would be the “tough guys”. I wonder if a few of these “enablers” won a few green awards this year?

I assert the biggest threat to Canadian Security are the leaders Canada has in Government and Public Service. Those that are responsible for my security. This would also include the leaders of the United Nations and their respective governments as well. Our leadership is our security and right now I feel the furthest from secure in Canada. Is Stephen Harper an idiot?

Watching my country go from the place my grandfather was very proud to have fought for, then my father helped defend in the air force, to just another newly branded 2-bit banana republic is sad, but, I think that we need to get back to basics: honest positive leadership. Laugh now, read on.

Fear and war are the tools ignorance uses to control people. With the advances in psychology in the past 5 years alone, this “community of experts” knows more about humanity than the last ~150,000 years of “smart guys” combined. Thats science folks. And I am talking the repeatable science stuff, not the Dr. Phil Show.

Are you up to speed Prime Minister Stephen Harper? Or is science the “black art” of evil? Well, it can be. Depends on what the science is used for. How about we use science for peace instead of war for material possession?

This could be another Canadian innovation? How cool would that be! Using science for peace!

You better learn what it is, Prime Minister. It is your responsibility to keep me secure in my country. You better share this knowledge of science with the global leaders as well. Seems like everyone can benefit from new knowledge. It also demonstrates sharing. Something I was taught is very important.

Well, I am tired of “you”, Stephen. Nothing personal. I am tired of leadership that repeats history, much like “the greatest history repeater in history” and Yale educated history major, George Bush.

I am tired of the Sarah Palins, the Dick Cheneys and the whackos that shoot them for reasons everyone seems to guess at.

Why guess? Why should I have to guess about you? Why should you have to guess about me?

All these people “worried” about my “security”.

Listen, I am fine, I think we need to rethink “Canadian Security”.

Anything is possible. Innovate used to be Canadas' "middle name". As an aside, is Canadas' last name Earth? I think it is! So, that would make it Canada Innovate Earth? I progress.

Can society afford these people in power? Can society afford to let these people into politics? Can society afford to have our systems lobbied by “unstable and questionable” people and corporations? Is a public elections system attainable?

Iran has nuclear weapons. So does Israel. “They” seem to really “dislike” “each other”.

Can the Canadian government guarentee me that nuclear weapons will not be launched by either side? No. But monkey see monkey do right? Iran saw America pop a nuclear weapon on citizens. Will Iran be the next monkey? Will Israel be the next monkey?

I think the citizens of Canada, Iran and Israel want to know. Do the regular people: the teachers, the farmers, the children?

I am sure that society would improve when people do not worry about the fear of nuclear war or just walking to the store and getting blown up or shot.

Some folks think that climate change is an issue, and it is but, violence and nuclear war is a bigger threat to my immediate future. Nothing is certain. No one can provide 100% security. But, it “helps more” when people trust each other “more”.

We are all empathy-based creatures? To me, that makes perfect sense: I can sense it. Can you? Humans are really smart sometimes! Lets give them some credit!

But, I think leaders have been asleep at the “Kool Aid” ( sorry, Kool Aid ).

We saw the “Noble and heavily defended actions of the GOP and George Bush” backfire into the global drama we have now. The decision to utilize conventional war tactics to eliminate the asymmetric threat. How stupid was that? I will still personally debate any world leader on why conventional war is retarded, but, honestly, what politician would ever do such a thing.

I point to the US Debt as exhibit A. (You know who you are! Told you). That was 10 years ago, I guess that fighting the War on Terror will destroy the US economy. I also said that a dirty bomb would be exploded on US soil. Good thing I was wrong about that later. America cannot afford to have a city abandoned. Can it?

Now we have Stephen Harper telling me I need CF-35 fighter jets. I disagree. Stephen telling me that Canada should be investing in prisons and filling the courts with petty crime and ignoring the true crimes being committed against the global public in the name of democracy.

Some people ( mostly conservatives ) tell me I am a “peace loving space-case that has no concept on war” and that I should let them “Do the heavy lifting” ( aka – the killin' and defendin' ).

I assert that these people are “pussies”. ( sorry, pussies ).

They never listen to what I have to say. I assert that fighting the asymmetric threat requires intelligence, not brute “shock and awe”. I also assert that fighting the asymmetric threat cannot be covert either.

When 9/11 happened I was certain that a “conventional response” was all that these morons could muster. And muster they did. They even had to lie about it. Charming. Now these experts are telling Obama that he has no clue. Now these experts are telling me we need fighter planes?

I thought that the 9/11 response should have been intelligence based with no regard for political games. Just a website showing what confirmed terrorist was killed that day. No other information, just results. No banners, no PR rock and roll concerts, just names and bodies of confirmed criminals involved in terrorism. Maybe a UN website?

I thought it would have sent a deeper message and the "bad guys" would have no ideas or information of what was to come.

But, is/was killing Osama Bin Laden ever part of the plan? I am not sure. Seems like many opportunities were missed to kill Sadam, etc.

Instead of killing Sadam Hussien, "they" killed Canadian gun designer Gerald Bull. I cannot confirm this, but, why kill the designer of the gun and not the buyer? I guess the same argument goes for politicians that get busted with hookers, bust the hooker right? Or did they need Saddam alive? Assassinating heads of state seems to be out of bounds? I guess those are the rules? How civilized! Whew!

War is sick, there is no current solution for such people as Osama Bin Laden and that kid from Arizona. One thing is certain, governments should take better care of brain health.

Is this behaviour condusive to a healthy future for families and family values? I am referring to government security policy about ensuring stability of our leaders, not kids from Arizona.

The globe stopped on 9/11. Everyone did. Just like the globe might stop in 2012 or 2013 if a nuclear weapon is discharged. Whoops!

It gives me comfort knowing that hundreds of computers are tagging this military content. That is intelligence. When I send “these blogs out”, my statistics pop. That is because I know how security systems work. This kind of stuff was developed in Canada by the RCMP. Cool!

Intelligence is tricky. But, not when we trust who is controlling it. Canada used to control its own intelligence, does it still or is that being privatized? Can we trust a privatized government? I assert no. Can we trust current leadership? I assert no. I want proof first.

Is it possible to trust? Yes*, we can.

Some think it is smart to poke a hornets nest with their “noble entitled sticks”.

While politicians and the “tin foil kings” are playing the same “killing games” taught over thousands of years, science just keeps innovating. Some think it is "hip to 'dis" science, well not this science. Not anymore. Ignorance is no longer cool. Just look at Sarah Palin ( sorry for using her name in my Blog ).

Well, science tells us “it is not that smart” to attack other people.

See, this is evolution: science knows too much now? No! I demand more science still!

Leaders telling me how security works? Spare me the bullshit. People should not trust politicans. Trust must be earned? Do we have the time?

Security is trust: And I do not see a lot of trust in that past 3 months. No trust. No truth.

I do not trust, but, I want to. I know I can. Can you?

Now I see that science has provided some interesting tools. These are the tools we need now.

Some use science for war. I think that is a war crime. Some may tell you that the only way to get the best science is through war. I assert that is a lie. Is it a lie? What is a lie?

Regardless, I want to see leadership use science for peace. Can we try this idea instead of the war thing? I will no longer support the current model of government. Why should I? What are they delivering to me? All I see is the next war.

War seems to be “of no concern”: our society forgets the conflicts around the globe. Is this a safe way to proceed into the future? Is this wise to use repression and avoid thinking of the terrible things done in the name of profit? Is this a healthy longterm plan?

The power games for money and the repression of people is alive and well. Good thing the US banned slavery? Is slavery dead, globally, or did the USA export it? Good thing the US is prosecuting Julian Assange, because they support slavery still. Economic slavery.

I am not that cool with slavery, I have to tell you. I tell people that globalization was the evolution of human slavery. Interesting article from yesterday.

Until proven innocent, I assert that all politicians are guilty. Is this wise? I assert yes.

Wikileaks is the history of our old society. It is already outdated. Sorry Julian, nice try!

Psychology has the tools. The tools I feel safe with.

I want my leadership given public psychological evaluations on CBC. These honest leaders would have no problem demonstrating their honesty in leadership. It is a basic tenant to leadership.

Time to step up to the podium “gentlemen”. I do know that I want my current leadership evaluated. I also want the opposition evaluated as well. Lets evaluate them all.

Lets start at the top and work our way down. One leader per night. Would be better than watching the show In Treatment! Reality TV meets Government! How awesome where is my popcorn!

I will trust my government when I can see the results of these tests. But, some would argue what is the test?

I just want a simple test.

I want "them" to ask one question: “Are you an honest leader for Canada”?

Of course I want to see the MEG in real time.

What is inside the head of your leader? Would you trust your leader if an expert told you they were a viable candidate for leadership? I might. ;)


* - when I have control in “my information” and have an open and helpful Canadian Intelligence Agency, so I can look at some of “your” information and get to know you better. I do not want to know much. Just a few things. Nothing else. What if you could control your information? What would you like others to see? What would you not? What if you could see that Stephen Harper is lieing to your face in real time? Would that help you? Is it even possible? I assert yes. Anything is possible, especially when people trust the end results. An open and transparent government. Until then, good luck politics, now you must endure the hundreds of future “Wikileaks-Flavours-of-the-Weak” coming your way. How “will” your security agents feeling about this future? Poor spys, such a tough job.

P.S. - This simple process is less invasive than my proposed LIEDAR systems ( real time lie detection systems used in houses of government ). Just like photoradar, LIEDAR simply reduces a politicians pension fund, a tiny bit, each time they lie. Might just be the smartest way to smaller government ever created. You are welcome!

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