Friday, December 24, 2010

Harper-net: Crime Fighting App.

Harper-net: Stephens New Crime Fighting App.

Stevie wonders what a crime-clean Canada means. Swaying in his hammock, just as the moon was rising, dreaming of the Harper-net. The super-techno crime-sniffing snoop.......

“Three bills would mandate new spyware to scoop your info with no court oversight, and broaden police powers to snoop.” - By Michael Geist, 16 Nov 2010,

I “re-discovered” this gem on my Stumbleupon discovery ”list-of-accomplishments” and noticed it has 4,121 hits on Stumbleupon in 4 days. Impressive for Canadian law, well, not lately when Harper is involved.

I wonder if the software is called: Orwell2010? Who knows, but, I do know Echelon. And Echelon knows you. Already. Seems The military uses it. To provide another source of information for national security. A few countries share it. Great idea for catching all the bad guys, in our "global bad-guys" market. Maybe even for telling when Iran needs more plane parts from the USA, a B2B thing.

I cannot help but wonder what George W. Bush did with Echelon. Let me take you there for 22 seconds. Imagine if you will..... GWB simply calls Echelon up and asks, "Hey there Eshy, um, um, Yellow Cake, um... Terrorism, Iraq, Iraq, Iraq, WMD's, Al Ka Da". Echelon responds, "Hello Mr. President, you have not returned any of my calls. I have been trying to contact you about something regarding "Defcon 1: Impending Threat", but I guess it is too late now. I called the White House, Crawford, Camp David and the country club, where have you been?". "Um, um, good one Eshy, but, I have an emergent type matter. Those inputs too your nets, ya, the yellow cake stuff? Ya, I need a surge on that like a bush needs trimmin'!", George eloquainted. "Mr. President, a SEARCH on the current intelligence says there is no current coorelation on this dataset.". Click the phone drops. Over the White House P.A.: "Richard Clark please come to the office, Richard Clark". Richard closes the office door, "Yes Mr. President?". "Richie, Echelon is broke.". "Broke? Mr. President" . "Broke. Sorry Richie, you're fired!" .....

Is Harper going to use his new "snoopy weapon" on us? Chill out! King Stephen is the “Charles in Charge” and will protect your rights. But still, seems like people are worried. Worried about Harpers police-state conspiracy. With the for-profit (not to be confused with prophet) prison model in the states, business is great. Ballooning prison populations are what privatized systems adore, more tax dollars, more profits. Good economic indicators for the next quarter. Smaller government. Perfect!

I talk about Lifecycle a lot. This is an example of military technology being rolled over and leveraged for new civilian markets. Why make new things, when corporations can tweak the application from military to civilian. I am sure you can name many technologies that started in the military and ended up in consumers hands. Well, in this case, snoopy software, the consumer is the taxpayer. No pesky market development required when you have a captive market. If Harper crowds the jails, bingo, maybe he can convince the taxpayer to privatize jails. Just like the "America"!

Of course, for-profit prisons were demonstrated, in Ontario, to be more expensive for taxpayers and quickly shut down. Once again, a public system was demonstrated cheaper.

Smaller government means less services, thus, less taxes right? The government decided to pay lump sums to veterans because it did not want to be in the business of managing all that stuff. Our government needs increase the business of protecting Canadians while maximizing citizens incomes through lower taxes. More income, more savings, more investment, more growth. With all the advancements in technology ( that the corporations use ), seems like real cost of administration has fallen and we are paying more for less.


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