Friday, December 24, 2010

Racism: Greatest New Years Resolution?

Racism: greatest new years resolution?

Being a “weirdo” is a challenge. Trying new things leads to growth in personality and experience. It is comical to make people laugh about the “darker things” in our society and have them grow as well.

I think new years resolutions are interesting. They say a lot about the person? The choices that people make, or are “dared” to do, to make a positive change. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not.

Why is it the positive that we strive for? Why not the negative?

As such, way back in 2007, my new years resolution was to become a racist. People laughed and thought I was joking, but I was serious ( progress through negative passive-aggressive leadership? Huh? ). Seems like a “good train wreck” gets peoples attention ”quicker” ( this was my hypothesis )?

Having a collection of friends, I assumed to believe me as “not a racist”, of different genetic profiles provided my “playing field”. January 1st I woke to my new goal: being a racist, intolerant-bigot. I was pulling no punches. I was to discriminate on race, sex and sexuality at all times in all conversations.

My first stop was to get a coffee at a local pub. The bartender is from Trinidad and a friend. In fact, he witnessed my pledge to racism, so, this was a good starting point. We always joked about racism ( as he constantly jokes that white people are evil ). So, I ordered my coffee with an added “now, boy” at the end. He turned, he chuckled and remembered my new years resolution. We typically discussed politics, so, we launched into our “solve the worlds problems in 1 hour or less” discourse.

The first person to walk in on our discussion was one of his suppliers. He was black. Perfect! My friend and I were watching the news, babbling away, each moment advancing my racist agenda, and I did. This was risky, but, it had to be done. Amazingly, Barack Obama popped up on the news. Everything was going my way! Standing tall, chest out, eyes locked on the TV, I chirped “Barack Obama? As if any black could run anything”. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the black supplier turn, mouth open, face crinkled, eyes open. My black bartender friend died laughing. “Listen whitey, I have a shotgun under the bar”, bartender says. I followed it up with : “Probably don't know which end to point at me”. Retort: “Cracker, I will shoot you”. I shook my head in resignation that he could even operate a gun. “You are joking!” the black supplier interjected and laughed. I told him about my “2008: year of the racist” scheme and the discussion continued.

Many of my friends found this funny, but, after a while, my “control group” ignored my “racism bit” and focused on positive stories concerning it. My hypothesis was coming to “life”. I was happy?

I failed. I could only last ~5 months. My “year of the racist” crumbled. I became tired of constantly thinking of how to “maximize racism and ignorance”. It drained me. I became numb, it started to hurt. Some of my friends noticing my decline in "passion". I came out and admitted failure. Some were sad, some relieved. I was relieved. My social experiment in the trash, I reflected on all the positives. The discussions I incited. What I learned about people and myself.

I dare you to take my “2011: Year of the Racist” challenge. Let me know if you make it all the way through.

I would like to add that I pulled few "mental" punches. “Nobody was hurt” in this experiment. No violence.


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