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Jason Kenney: JK: Junior Kindergarten?

J.T.K. : Junior Kindergarten : Minister Jason Kenney?

I saw a tweet from Minister Jason Kenney .Using his “140 characters” to the “best of his ability” and professionalism?

From December 12, 2010 Tweet from @MinJK (Minister Jason Kenney):

Jason Kenney OISE's idea of academic diversity: from the left to the extreme left. Risible and pathetic:

ris·i·ble [riz-uh-buhl] –adjective

1.causing or capable of causing laughter; laughable; ludicrous.
2.having the ability, disposition, or readiness to laugh.
3.pertaining to or connected with laughing.

pa·thet·ic [puh-thet-ik] –adjective

1. causing or evoking pity, sympathetic sadness, sorrow, etc.; pitiful; pitiable: a pathetic letter; a pathetic sight.
2. affecting or moving the feelings.
3. pertaining to or caused by the feelings.
4. miserably or contemptibly inadequate: In return for our investment we get a pathetic three percent interest.

Interesting that Jason uses "subjective terms" to quantify the "quality of science" “approval” by "Senior peers". Interesting that Jason is an "old" "Educational Defender of Schools Rights". Catholic schools, anyways.

People that earn a Masters Degree must “defend their content” by “peer review”. In this case, a rather “socially controversial” topic, analysed using some "scientific method", to the best those “Peer Reviewers” deemed sufficient to provide validity to "Jenny Petos' contentious topic". Is this news to Jason? Is he aware of this process? Is it a subjective process or objective? What if someone disproves Jenny in the future? That is what science is. Science kills bad science. Let science figure it out Jason Kenney. The time is coming when "we will have a lie detector", Jason.

Jason Kenney took away from his political dedication, to Canada, to “stove pipe” this story to "create fear about Canadas role in supporting Israeli policy"? Meaning "any criticism of Israel" is some how a form of “hate speech”. I assert that criticizing anyone or anything is not fomenting hatred, it is "communication for progress" and learning.

I am not a lawyer, but some have written about this topic of Israels Legal Positions on certain policy. Some Jews support a free educational system, some oppose this? Not sure.

Now, I am “stovepiping” my “science”, now, Jason. Enjoy! This will take a while to “lay my groundwork” and then “humiliate your tweet”.

I wish to measure, using science, the number of Jasons “educational tweets” and compare them, using science, with his “total messages”. Then I could look at his “educational tweets” and divide those into “criticisms” and “political endorsements”. Then we can all get an idea of what “stovepiping” is.

The “beauty” of “stovepiping” is the following story of mine. Thanks for reminding me of “stovepiping”, Jason. The George W. Bush administration used it.

I have an ex-friend. We had a falling out of sorts. He was just “too negative” for me? He was very funny (longtime-unknown Canadian comedy). Very smart ( works in Physics/Design ). He used to get “on stage” and let it go! He told everyone where to go. He told the Yuk Yuks to Yuk off!
His comedy was dirty, funny. His major idols were Lenny Bruce, Steve Martin and George Carlin.

Guy is an "independent scientific consultant". He has worked on “world class systems” in both military and medical. His passion is comedy. So is mine. He has a You Tube account with a long history of “genius in comedy” and his “guyzini” brand of “funny”.

His name is Guy Earle. Guy is "very funny about everything". There is no “OFF” for his funny. Something I suffer from too! But, we would discuss world events in seconds. "Yep". "Yep".

Guy moved to Vancouver and joined his partner in crime, Byron Bertram. Those two started a comedy night at a bar “Zestys”. To drum up business and to get local talent stage time. To get people out to engage in the science of funny. The hopes were to boost business on a "slow" night and have some fun.

One night, Guy was on stage. An “accident happened” and the ultimate result was Guy was being called to the “BC Human Rights Commission” for “freedom of speech”. Lawyers and "right wing media" picked up on it. If you want to check my story, go to "Guys Site". He is a “confirmed comedy hoarder” and his stories are typically up to date. I do not endorse his site. But, if you want a laugh, please do.

Guy had his “Big Show of Comedy” ,in Toronto, to bring awareness to his “Freedom of Speech” plight. We thought of different flavours of show. His final decision was to have ~40 comedians do “one minute of their most controversial material” ( gotta watch: Boyd Banks: Comics For Freedom Rally each other comedian showcased on You Tube! Very funny and very “HOT”. I warned you!).

It was the one of the First shows, at the Comedy Bar. The night was a success. One person in the audience was Minister Jason Kenney! He “ducked out fast after the show” because Boyd Banks ( the general ) was there and a whole bunch of “pissed off comedians”. I thought he would at least dispense "some CPC wisdom" and engage the crowd.

I wanted to do a “bit”, but, its still to controversial. Russel Peters would blush. But, I am not a comedian. I let the artists perform “their craft”. I helped with the running of the show. Even got my t-shirt signed by Boyd and my other favourites, Guy even signed it!

I wonder if the “tax payers dollars have brought justice” to what I deem as “a waste of time and money”. Had the “ladies” been “man enough” to apologize, Guy would have apologized? A happy customer is a return customer! The funny part was that Guy has many gay friends in the business and the “lesbian” comics took Guys side, instantly it seemed. He joined the "Dykes of Hazzard" comedy tour for some gigs.

So, did Guy need this stress when he ran his own business? No. These things hurt Canadians. Much like I assert that stalling progress on climate change science is going to hurt Canadians.

It encompassed Guy. It wasted his time and in someways put extra stress on our stress-based relationship. He could not even sue for damages to his business and sanity. "Just a get out of jail for free card?". Is that human rights? Is that even justice. Of course the irony is that Guy does not support Ezra Levant. What was his intent? To illustrate that lesbians do not respect human rights? What else is Ezra "stovepiping"? I do not care. All I know is that guy did use science for "submarine warfare" when he wanted to "exist with nature as an equal". Smart man.

Minister Kenney is now calling into question "the political motivations of the board of the OISE". Minister Jason Kenney uses, in his tweet, the terms “left” and “extreme left”. Minister Jason Kenney asserts it is “time to clean house at OISE” as well? Is that his "professional educational background experience"?

Poor OISE and Penny Peto. Now they have “been attacked” and have to put up with “Minister Kenneys' assertion”? His wise "140 characters"?

I am trying to help our environment with my 140 characters and what does Minister Jason Kenney use his for? Not sure.

I am not familiar with the OISE. Not sure how it is operated. Not sure how "scientific their procedure" of “accreditation” is, nor the "standards they use to pass or fail" a “Masters Thesis”. I have no idea. Do I care? Not really. Seems like University Of Toronto has quality? They are a recognized leader in education? Is Minister Jason Kenney? Is he a "recognized leader"?

What I do know is the Minister Kenney is not interested in "OISE processes", just sending out "a fear based message" on “Educated” Education Professionals. Seems like the government is discrediting science at every step they can these past few weeks. Stalling Canadian Science is beneficial? Look at our history of science! Do you think Canada needs more science for climate change?

So lets "look at the intelligence that Kenney is using" in his “140 Characters” to improve my Canada.

I want to keep it clean and smart!

Now you know how I “stove pipe”, Kenney.


P.S. - Thank you Richard Dawkins! Thanks George Carlin and #SCIENCE!

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