Friday, December 24, 2010

Better War?

Better war? ( with my tiny interim solution for hope ).

Being an environmentalist and Bright, I am perplexed as to benefits for war. How can one enjoy a civilized existence when others want to blow people up for power and money?

War has evolved into a disaster capitalism enterprise for the military economy. The more war, the better for business. This was clearly demonstrated by George Bush and the GOP after 9/11. I remember that day well. I knew the outcome before it happened. Taxpayers paying for war, civilians dying in the crossfire.

War has many impacts. I will my discuss two opinions.

The environmental damage from war is undeniable: Dumping depleted uranium and lead in the soil, demolishing a countries infrastructure ( to be rebuilt using taxpayer dollars ), and using the resources to operate the military ( using taxpayer dollars ). Seems simple enough to understand. Thats all I have to say about that, for this blog.

My second opinion is the psychological damage that war brings with it and the future impact of war. It impacts the soldiers and the civilians caught within with target country. I want to focus on the civilians. Destroying infrastructure such as hospitals, schools, power plants and water sources leaves a country in a mess. With respect to Iraq ( and next on the list, Iran ) we see the state of the well being of its citizens is worse off than under the dictator they had. What is the future of Iraq? I do not know. I do know that the families of Iraq have a huge challenge to attain prosperity and peace. Will they get it? I do not know, but unless the world changes its behaviours, I will say no.

The future of Iraq: What about the families grooming the next generation? I know that religion in the region is hard to escape. I know that religion is a throwback to older philosophies. I know that religion in the region is responsible for thousands of years of killing, in the region, at the bidding of empowered men wielding the “sword of god”. Does the cycle of killing for god continue unabated ad infinitum?

My solution is not an answer, but, an idea that would help countries recover and provide a stable means to prosperity. My idea is to transport willing civilians out of the country to keep them safe and provide education. Exposing families to such violence, death and destruction leads to psychological damage, undesired behavioural traits and this all leads to impacting to the health and education of the countries children. I may also note that seeing an invader destroying ones country can lead to extremism, further damaging the hope of a prosperous future. Since countries still think that conventional warfare and occupation is the means to defeat the asymmetric threat ( i know it does not ), removing the innocent from the disaster would help the citizens.

Transporting willing families to a secure location ( like Canada ) and educating the children seems to me a great idea. They are safe and are given the tools to succeed. The ultimate goal: to repatriate some of these people when conditions have been “restored”. I would like to add that retaining the gifted minds to offer doctoral level education is a must.

Got any better ideas? I would like to hear them.


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