Friday, January 7, 2011

CF-35 for Dummies

CF-35 for Dummies CPC : "Canadian" "Progressive" Conservatives

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I started blogging after the November 2, 2010 Midterm Elections in the USA.

I see the culture of war spreading to Canada. My first concern is the Conservative Party Of Canada intent to support the upcoming invasion of Iran. My grandfather fought in World War II and told me that he fought, So I would never have to. My father was in the Canadian Air Force as a high ranking Aerospace Officer. This topic of the CF-35 is an excellent demonstration of CPC immorality.

I feel that using conventional war to fight the modern enemy is obsolete. This philosophy has been shown correct by many military experts. Fighting the asymmetic threat ( terrorism ) is not accomplished using conventional war tools. This is a fact.

War is big business and with that comes the biggest bullshit marketing available to humanity: using fear to scare people into the war profiteering model of disaster capitalism. Keep those tax dollars coming! What you think you are saving on income taxes, you pay with your future in national debt. A conservative "bait and switch" since voters chose to "shut their brains off".

So, lets get to this “CF-35 for dummies”, since, it is hard for some to understand why this plane is a poor choice for Canada, regardless of the “stovepiping methods” used by Prime Minister Harper to hand the GOP a “fat check to support the global war machine without a competitive bid”. I am not going there, no need to.

First, I have mentioned that the military experts: aerospace engineers and veteran test pilots, that chose the CF-18, said that it was “the last piloted plane”.

Why did these experts that bought the CF-18 say that? Because the best “Fifth Generation Fighters” have no pilots. These are the pilots and engineers saying this. Not some journalist or fart catcher politican.

No pilots? How does that work? Well, it is a UAV, an unmanned aerial vehicle: piloted remotely by a pilot on the ground.

Using UAVs has many big advantages:

1.) Pilots do not die when bad things happen.
2.) Pilots do not get tired since they can “switch pilots”.
3.) With airborne refuelling systems, a UAV can stay aloft longer than a piloted plane.
4.) Since there is no pilot, the UAV can pull more G-forces, thus “out fight” a CF-35.

These factors make UAV's a superior choice and they are cheaper. So, there you go! That was for the “dummies”!

So, lets save tax dollars and get better equipment for Canada, not buy what the USA tells us to buy.

So, now, for fun, since I see a lot of conservatives “parroting the virtues of their illustrious leaders decisions on the CF-35” ( much like the GOP'ers supported George Bush aka- their “greatest president” in history ) I would like to switch to my “FOX-Talk” ( FOX-Talk: since I spent years debating GOP knuckle-heads in the USA, I will share with you my Fox-esque retort for the CPC party. Usually kept short: Enjoy.)

FOX-Talk: CF-35 :

“CPC, Why do you support killing patriotic Canadian pilots? Either you are for life or against it.”


P.S. - Here is the definition of a fart catcher!

P.S.S. - Remember when Tom Flanagan blurped out "Assassinate Assange"? He said a drone (UAV) hit! Not a F-35 Hit. Freudian slip Tom? (No triple double entendre intended at any time). Thanks Tom, you completely useless person!

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