Friday, December 24, 2010

Adult Conversation

November 2nd, 2010. US midterm elections. (#nov2nd).

I am expressing my honest opinion in this. I guess it is really the "opinion" my parents instilled in me? I love you, thanks! Not exactly, I have my own ideas in here. And I need your support right now. Your support in reading this.

I make mistakes. We all make them. But, can we all afford to "screw this one up"?


So, if you care about our planet, get a "green" beverage and start reading, from "my start", my first Blog. For those that think this is important, do it now. And save this, my honest opinion, for last. It is critical, if you are having problems understanding me.

I would also like to add, that I transerred my personal Stumbleupon account to deepgreendesign. I share this with you, Enjoy! I can also see some people snooping already ;)

There, in Stumble upon, I "stovepiped" “my information”, that “I wanted” to use, to express how "I feel" about "my percieved attack on science". Most of my Blogs are based on this simple seed information, a personal observation, scientifically unvalidated, as of yet.

You will find I “discovered” most of "my Blog" content, using Stumbleupon. These were my rules, It is the only thing I learned from Dr. Jack van Impe, thanks Jack! I decided to "spice up" my “discoveries”, this morning, with the direct Blogs, I wrote in response to each story, I read. I put some of these reviews in #metaman and also english.

I recommended all of my own blogs, I "felt" it had to be done, "not sure" if this is accepted behaviour, but I am risking my account, for you, to see “my madness”. To spread “my word”. I have not checked, but last time I looked, nobody has given me a “thumbs up”, their opinion. Still, I feel confidence in some of my assertions, without peer validation. This is “my voice”. Listen carefully if you will, otherwise, buzz off!

You would be doing science a disservice to “just” accept my opinion! But, if you trust me enough, please keep reading.

There are no funny links in this one. Are you still interested? Warning: this is very hard for me!

So, lets go, lets get this off my brain! Together.

Some say lets have an "adult conversation". I refuse, sounds demonstrably unreliable. How can we "solve this" when both sides cannot even talk honestly. How can morals ever emerge through this "stalemate on the big chess board" we all call home? Home for you, your family and even YOUR environment. See, there is no “tangible ownership”, you do not own anything. I joke that I own the universe, and I do. I am responsible to understand, to the best of my ability, it. For me. To understand what the heck we are all doing here, on this planet, in a vast expanse of energy and matter and other "whizzzzz-bangs".

I assert only an honest scientific discussion will provide positive change. I can feel President Barack Obamas frustration. A great leader, neutered by intolerance and a “feeling” that smart people think they are just so smart! I have been brainwashing you with the basic premises of science. Simply. "Monkey See, Monkey Do". Nothing more.

By following my links, you are unsure if you will get fact or funny. Slowly turning you into Wikipedia Zombies. There is a reason for this, Wikipedia reflects how #metaman would operate. #metaman is an idea, but with enough computing power, I can, with help, make it simple to start solving some challenges, we all share. To me, Wikipedia is where people sharing ideas and people adding to science. Some are fun, some are highly scrutinized.

If I was a PhD., in science, I would watch my "life time accomplishments", very closely, on Wikipedia, and let it remain free, correct, and especially bullshit free! If something came along to discredit your science, game over, but, there are no losers in science though, only better science.

If you want bullshit, goto Conservapedia and laugh. But, really, is that truly funny?

Scientists help each other, they peer review others work. Imagine using science to "attack" bad science and "kill" it? Some nerds might say, "questioning and improving". I guess it depends on your "frame of mind". One is negative, the other is positive. What if two doctors of science, who went to school together since "the start", hated each other ( for personal reasons ), something about a wedgie at the monkey-bars in the first grade; had to peer review each others work? What would happen? Well, the wedgie-ee would have the opportunity to use science to improve his “wedgee-enemies” work, not his "feelings and anger towards the great-wedgie-boy-that-I-hate". Get it?

Science cannot have "feelings", it is just demonstrable common knowledge. How hard is that to understand? Seems hard, right now, in our world.

I created "this" as a plea for help! I am asking science for help, directly. Help to save science, first, then help science benefit our planet, and not make fuel cell powered aircraft carriers with solar panels and "sustainable" Phalanx guns filled with "free from the government" depleted uranium. I would not be a man if I told you I am not crying right now. This is intensely damaging to my “Freedom to Help credibility” and “positive science” philosophy. Seeing this reminds me of working in the military, as a student, for the Navy. A group of people that had professional credentials, excellent team work, and amazing positive minds to help me.

30 minutes have passed, I am very upset right now, but, can I finish! I am trying hard...

I have been crying for ~30 minutes after seeing the Phalanx, again. I thought it would be a “funny poke”, “a jab to make me happy”, to “toss it in”, but look what happened: Its not funny.

Thanks for the support and hugs ;) I love you! ( you know who you are! And thank you for your honesty in: "Yes!" I was told, "you are a good man")

I wanted to post a link to my “old navy” department, but, I got there. I stopped and read, it all. It has just the commanders profile, job description and accomplishments.

So I started reading more, before my "typical cut and paste your way to success" ( I used to joke about this "new revolutionary technique" with a Russian Doctor of Mechanical Engineering, from St. Petersburg. He was a very positive influence on "my positivity" in life, Thanks! I honestly love you!)

Back to “Mr. Military” ( my next smear campaign? )

I looked at this mans qualifications and I am simply impressed! The best of the best? These people are so smart and curious and friendly. I thought of him, and the others I worked with, and their families too. Sorry, no link is positive, at this time. “Them” protecting Canada with their hearts first, minds second and bodies third (unsure of the order they use). Honest people, feeling good about what they do. And very proud to tell me about anything I wanted to know, this is from my experience.

I looked at Commander Chris Hargreaves, and broke down again, and I thought, I wonder if he has a family. If he does, he must love them? This is what I am assuming. I say this, from my experience with my father and his credo.

Does Chris agree with everything in our: Navy, Government, NATO and the United Nations? My assertion is no! There is always possibility and opportunity of change for the better.

I am inspired now!

Let it be known, that I respect Chris, now. In the military, the cream rises ( this is my new “trickle up effect” hypothesis ). Is Chris responsible for my tears? No! Does he have choice? Not sure.

How does Chris feel? Does he feel that we need "this" to protect Canada and his family, friends, neighbours, his barber, his doctor, and other countries that need "his" and “our” help, for the purposes of peace and love?

The families, in Iraq now, dealing with a broken infrastructure, poisoned earth, poisoned water, no oil and demonstrable mental stress-related symptoms? I don't know. I assert no. Does he have choice? I do not know.

I never met Chris. Hi Chris! (#iearth1st do you?)

When I worked in the Canadian Navy, as a student, I helped do mostly "summer student things. My boss, (wait for it now) Dick Cheney ( Dick was a great man, friendly and very sharing in his over 35 years hands-on experience, he is a designer too. He used to help design military stuff, even on bare concrete, with a stick of white chalk, and Hitler, motivating him to give his “all”), was away, so, I was told to read. I asked some dudes "well, what should I work on?". They looked at each other and smiled.

I was told to read the "complete manual sets" for two types of gas turbine engines, the cruise engines in our Canadian war ships ( and also 500kW generators to power the electrical systems, and got a peek, for "my opinion", on a word based control system to control this expensive toy. I am still a computer geek, by the way ).

The first gas turbine instruction was 15 volumes of old and dusty 4" Binders on how to perform maintenance, etc. It took me ~2 weeks to try and absorb all this new stuff, thinking, "this looks hard, cool!". When I finished, I told my "temporary supervisor" "Done"! ( he was a "flat faced civilian", so, I did not tack on the "sir" part). He looked up and said, "we were kind of joking." I smiled. Then I asked where the next set was. I was hooked on this stuff. He said "Okay, there it is".

The next set was the GM LM2500 gas turbine. It was the same. Stacks of books. I read it. I learned so much. I learned about how they work, why they break and how to fix them without "corncobing" a very expensive machine ( you know who you are #nailedya )! I also read shared US military reports on catastrophic failures and oil analysis. Nice to see people make mistakes and others try to help fix the process to avoid future mistakes, in a civilized, educated manner. It works pretty well.

As if working for Dick Cheney was not enough. The following summer they had the posting for the same job. At the bottom, it said "White males will not be considered for employment". I felt mad. Anger. Here I am in Canada. Canada, respected for “moral citizenship”, and “leadership” in some countries, in our world ( for those that care? Not sure, I have no hard evidence, no science ). I bitch about it, sure. Makes for a nice tidbit for feminists in discussions on sexism, that support this practice of discrimination on sex. Naomi, you may want to rebrand your messages, that, I got, this morning? Your choice. You decide. Its your voice. Use it!

In a constructive "adult conversation". Some women look at me and think, okay, this guy is a total sexist. Its true? Is it from my personsal experience ( bring out my lie machine #metaman, some geniuses can prove this, using science )?

So, instead of working for the military, that summer, a friend got me a job at a small manufacturing shop, full time. I had worked there part time, when they needed help: painting walls, running network wires, hooking them up to Mac's, sweeping floors, making coffee, silkscreening parts, operating CNC machines and "deburring parties" with Donna.

When I started full time, for the summer, I learned more. I helped set up, and build, a customized a metal anodizing system ( no chemical safety standards followed ), material storage systems ( secure for military jobs, unsecured for those that did not care about securing very expensive metals and materials, with get this, an uncertified welder, his name was in fact Bob. Bob the welder ).

We made everything. It was a small, cool team. I worked on "primitive" bomb disposal equipment, laser parts, nuclear electrodes from beryllium copper (again, no safety standards required), the list is very long, I will finish with: The CPU "heat sinks" for the fire suppression computer systems for the M1 Abrams Tank. I still have some scrap pieces, I use them for letter holders ( repurposing helps for a "greener" planet right, no, not "green" on this account, but, do I have a choice? ).

Am I the first to point a finger at Government, Law, Politics and Religion?


But we need to trust those peoples “feelings” and establish “moral conduct” using science. Progressively, positively and honestly. How would Jesus accomplish this? What was his motivation? I do not know.

I have had it! As you may have assumed, without any scientific evidence. I “had to” express myself, but, I “have chosen” to use as much science, intuition and logic, I have at my “speedy disposal”.

I have also used some humour and subversive brainwashing techniques taught by KUBARK? ( Oh! Canada! ).

I created #metaman on Twitter! For everyone! Its free. Free thought brought to action, for positive.

If “social media” cannot solve “this”, we are "screwed".

If the "truth tellers" win the 2012 US elections, I fear that the suffering and killing will increase. Debts will increase. Unhappiness will increase. Brainwashing “evil” will increase. Minds poisoned on both sides, again.

The chess players are good. They never get hurt, unless law asserts they are 100% responsible, no plea bargains on this stuff folks. No option. Nope, sorry, not this time! We must assert objective science. That is our next evolution. No Killing, no hate, just monetary and physical responsibility for “their” mess ( you know who you are! ;) “we have”. A “mess” that must be cleaned up.

We can do it with science and opinions. Its easy, I have already demonstrated a simple idea of "#metaman #dgd #iearth1st!" Complex language that professes my science knowledge and beliefs about science. It comforts me, because I have a tangible "soap box" under these feet on mine. The work of many scientists before me. Some working and exploring new ideas with others, some forced to design tools of moral killing ( women, helped with this one! But, did they have choice? The freedom of speech to say "NO!" I refuse to design things that also hurt families in the process) I assert no, they had no real choice. If they refuse, they are fired and the next honest scientist steps up to the plate, maybe they can deliver that coveted "Shock and Awe" grand slam! The club owners have in their back pockets, come "market trade time".

I joke about how Canada is being used as the butt puppet of the GOP to give an "honest face" to invading Iran and supporting Israel. But, it is not funny. Prove me wrong. I need to hear that we will attain more peace by next week. I bet #metaman would provide faster, more efficient solutions for peace.

We, the citizens, must assume control of the "car" before we repeat history again. and again and again and again. Maybe Fred Phelps will get his wish. And destroy science, like religious lemmings did it with Archimedes "The Method".

We must evolve! This evolution mandates that we kill nobody to attain peace. We must use science and the honest opinions of citizens "professional opinions" to determine our action. I have grown, because I always say "Its one thing to dress like a "big puppet" with tape over your mouth than it is to physically enact positive change, that is why I gave Greenpeace the boot. Why? It was my choice. Get it?

This evolution is #metaman. Equality and moral behaviours defined by healthy and sometimes fun, science.


P.S. - "If it ain't broke, break it." - George Carlin.

P.S.S. - #metaman #dgd #help “Organic Peanut Butter Cookies” #dgd #opinion YES! #iearth1st! "I love" #metaman. #metaman #loves #science #iearth1st.

P.S.S.S. - Thank you to those that provided me access to Freedom of Speech, without advertising! I love you! #metaman #loves #you

P.S.S.S.S - I am sorry for any person that died from my contributions to science. I would also like to ask my conscious to release me from my guilt, of the "crimes" I was forced to commit against you and our environment. I am trying my best that I can, now!

All information and concepts on my blog is property of me, Graham Chivers.

Retweeting is highly recommended!

This information may not be used, in any publications, without direct prior consent from Graham Chivers @ My Blog is not to be within or, on any entities that have advertising. Sounds weird? Well, that is my choice. Freedom of speech and freedom of access, without any capitalism, by companies, that I do not find green enough. I assert that my Blogs will deliver my blog with NO ADVERTISING! As such, If you wish to rebroadcast my content, ask for permission. If your publication has absolutely no advertising, anywhere, I will be happy let you use my content, on the condition that I verify the publication for content, first. I dreaded the day that my blog would be beside advertising for laptops or other non-green thingies, but, it did. Support Ad-Free knowledge! If you see this blog beside advertising, please, let them know to respect my authority as a citizen. Thank you! I assert the right to assert my opinion on each blog, I blog. I assert that I am not a “domestic terrorist”. I assert that I am an individual, not a marketing scam. I collect no data from my Blog. All the products use to manufacture this product are “free” on the Internet. I use no marketing software for data collection. I feel that anyone should be able to read my blog with only knowledge being the product for free.

If you do not agree with any above content, prove it first. If you can teach me something, I will thank you in a manner warranted. If you are intending to “limit my internet access” or Freedom of Speech or my Human Rights: please go away!

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