Monday, January 10, 2011

Future Canadian Security

Canadian Security: a “lighter” look at the future of the “darker” side.

I sometimes get frustrated with politics in Canada. It's the things that make me go “Huh”. Some would say that writing about ones frustrations is healthy and I agree. It is good to get this off my chest. Hope this helps you. So lets have some fun shall we?

The assassination the other day is making many say: we need more security for politicians. Is that what we need in Canada?

How long have we had this “legal system”? How long have we had this “system of government”? Are we so wrapped up in a "G20 style existence" that we need seperation of citizen and system? I assert no. I think added security is an alarmist excuse to buy into the only thing the CPC is giving away for free: Fear.

This is 2011, are “these systems becoming obsolete”? I assert yes, unless they “smarten up" fast.

“Journalists reporting crap about politicians that have no power and a corrupt system that is manipulated for the a war economy model of infinite returns”. To harsh? Perhaps.

These are broken tools. Left unchecked, these systems are naturally corrupted. Thats life: the turds always float to the top? That is the old system. It does not work. America is the 69th empire? Who cares. Lets look forward. What works and what does not work?

Work = Force * Distance (work equals force times distance), in scientific terms.

I do not see humanity getting “further in peace” ( distance ), using this much “force for war”. Do you?

“Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity” Thanks George Carlin!

It is interesting to see the GOP, in the USA, starting to question the validity of science in courts. We have Republican leaders telling us that “god” will save us from climate change, if climate change actually exists. Is this just Intelligent Design backdraft? I am not sure. But, in Texas, just makes sense to pollute less. Even six year old kids understand this concept?

If you think it is a joke about how much extra money it would have cost to avoid the BP oil spill, you are correct. It is a joke. How cheap and stupid are rich people? I am not sure, can we test them?

We see an American system, broken, one side trying to fix it, the other side stalling anything the otherside wants to accomplish. Seems like the CPC in Canada is up to the same game: “mess up Canada” so “the otherside” has to waste time fixing it. Kind of like that “stupid kid” that wants to play “52 card pickup” all the time ( sorry, kid ).

If we have one side that is dishonest about leadership, how can politics function properly?

Canada had a decent international reputation. Much like George Bush tarnished the already tarnishing “USA brand” globally, so has Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Now we have a 2-bit Canadian image: red and white, not good enough for the blue yet. Some day we will advance to the 3 bit system? I am not sure.

Does Stephen think he is progressive leadership? Does he know that more countries are writing us off as the “GOP lap dog with all the water and oil”? Does Stephen have choice? I assert no.

I love Canada. It is comforting to know I can go to the store and not get taken out by an Apache helicopter spraying deleted uranium on me and my new organic lettuce garden.

I am not picking on the people that designed or fly or maintain the Apache, just the people that make the markets for Apache helicopters. I guess that would be the “tough guys”. I wonder if a few of these “enablers” won a few green awards this year?

I assert the biggest threat to Canadian Security are the leaders Canada has in Government and Public Service. Those that are responsible for my security. This would also include the leaders of the United Nations and their respective governments as well. Our leadership is our security and right now I feel the furthest from secure in Canada. Is Stephen Harper an idiot?

Watching my country go from the place my grandfather was very proud to have fought for, then my father helped defend in the air force, to just another newly branded 2-bit banana republic is sad, but, I think that we need to get back to basics: honest positive leadership. Laugh now, read on.

Fear and war are the tools ignorance uses to control people. With the advances in psychology in the past 5 years alone, this “community of experts” knows more about humanity than the last ~150,000 years of “smart guys” combined. Thats science folks. And I am talking the repeatable science stuff, not the Dr. Phil Show.

Are you up to speed Prime Minister Stephen Harper? Or is science the “black art” of evil? Well, it can be. Depends on what the science is used for. How about we use science for peace instead of war for material possession?

This could be another Canadian innovation? How cool would that be! Using science for peace!

You better learn what it is, Prime Minister. It is your responsibility to keep me secure in my country. You better share this knowledge of science with the global leaders as well. Seems like everyone can benefit from new knowledge. It also demonstrates sharing. Something I was taught is very important.

Well, I am tired of “you”, Stephen. Nothing personal. I am tired of leadership that repeats history, much like “the greatest history repeater in history” and Yale educated history major, George Bush.

I am tired of the Sarah Palins, the Dick Cheneys and the whackos that shoot them for reasons everyone seems to guess at.

Why guess? Why should I have to guess about you? Why should you have to guess about me?

All these people “worried” about my “security”.

Listen, I am fine, I think we need to rethink “Canadian Security”.

Anything is possible. Innovate used to be Canadas' "middle name". As an aside, is Canadas' last name Earth? I think it is! So, that would make it Canada Innovate Earth? I progress.

Can society afford these people in power? Can society afford to let these people into politics? Can society afford to have our systems lobbied by “unstable and questionable” people and corporations? Is a public elections system attainable?

Iran has nuclear weapons. So does Israel. “They” seem to really “dislike” “each other”.

Can the Canadian government guarentee me that nuclear weapons will not be launched by either side? No. But monkey see monkey do right? Iran saw America pop a nuclear weapon on citizens. Will Iran be the next monkey? Will Israel be the next monkey?

I think the citizens of Canada, Iran and Israel want to know. Do the regular people: the teachers, the farmers, the children?

I am sure that society would improve when people do not worry about the fear of nuclear war or just walking to the store and getting blown up or shot.

Some folks think that climate change is an issue, and it is but, violence and nuclear war is a bigger threat to my immediate future. Nothing is certain. No one can provide 100% security. But, it “helps more” when people trust each other “more”.

We are all empathy-based creatures? To me, that makes perfect sense: I can sense it. Can you? Humans are really smart sometimes! Lets give them some credit!

But, I think leaders have been asleep at the “Kool Aid” ( sorry, Kool Aid ).

We saw the “Noble and heavily defended actions of the GOP and George Bush” backfire into the global drama we have now. The decision to utilize conventional war tactics to eliminate the asymmetric threat. How stupid was that? I will still personally debate any world leader on why conventional war is retarded, but, honestly, what politician would ever do such a thing.

I point to the US Debt as exhibit A. (You know who you are! Told you). That was 10 years ago, I guess that fighting the War on Terror will destroy the US economy. I also said that a dirty bomb would be exploded on US soil. Good thing I was wrong about that later. America cannot afford to have a city abandoned. Can it?

Now we have Stephen Harper telling me I need CF-35 fighter jets. I disagree. Stephen telling me that Canada should be investing in prisons and filling the courts with petty crime and ignoring the true crimes being committed against the global public in the name of democracy.

Some people ( mostly conservatives ) tell me I am a “peace loving space-case that has no concept on war” and that I should let them “Do the heavy lifting” ( aka – the killin' and defendin' ).

I assert that these people are “pussies”. ( sorry, pussies ).

They never listen to what I have to say. I assert that fighting the asymmetric threat requires intelligence, not brute “shock and awe”. I also assert that fighting the asymmetric threat cannot be covert either.

When 9/11 happened I was certain that a “conventional response” was all that these morons could muster. And muster they did. They even had to lie about it. Charming. Now these experts are telling Obama that he has no clue. Now these experts are telling me we need fighter planes?

I thought that the 9/11 response should have been intelligence based with no regard for political games. Just a website showing what confirmed terrorist was killed that day. No other information, just results. No banners, no PR rock and roll concerts, just names and bodies of confirmed criminals involved in terrorism. Maybe a UN website?

I thought it would have sent a deeper message and the "bad guys" would have no ideas or information of what was to come.

But, is/was killing Osama Bin Laden ever part of the plan? I am not sure. Seems like many opportunities were missed to kill Sadam, etc.

Instead of killing Sadam Hussien, "they" killed Canadian gun designer Gerald Bull. I cannot confirm this, but, why kill the designer of the gun and not the buyer? I guess the same argument goes for politicians that get busted with hookers, bust the hooker right? Or did they need Saddam alive? Assassinating heads of state seems to be out of bounds? I guess those are the rules? How civilized! Whew!

War is sick, there is no current solution for such people as Osama Bin Laden and that kid from Arizona. One thing is certain, governments should take better care of brain health.

Is this behaviour condusive to a healthy future for families and family values? I am referring to government security policy about ensuring stability of our leaders, not kids from Arizona.

The globe stopped on 9/11. Everyone did. Just like the globe might stop in 2012 or 2013 if a nuclear weapon is discharged. Whoops!

It gives me comfort knowing that hundreds of computers are tagging this military content. That is intelligence. When I send “these blogs out”, my statistics pop. That is because I know how security systems work. This kind of stuff was developed in Canada by the RCMP. Cool!

Intelligence is tricky. But, not when we trust who is controlling it. Canada used to control its own intelligence, does it still or is that being privatized? Can we trust a privatized government? I assert no. Can we trust current leadership? I assert no. I want proof first.

Is it possible to trust? Yes*, we can.

Some think it is smart to poke a hornets nest with their “noble entitled sticks”.

While politicians and the “tin foil kings” are playing the same “killing games” taught over thousands of years, science just keeps innovating. Some think it is "hip to 'dis" science, well not this science. Not anymore. Ignorance is no longer cool. Just look at Sarah Palin ( sorry for using her name in my Blog ).

Well, science tells us “it is not that smart” to attack other people.

See, this is evolution: science knows too much now? No! I demand more science still!

Leaders telling me how security works? Spare me the bullshit. People should not trust politicans. Trust must be earned? Do we have the time?

Security is trust: And I do not see a lot of trust in that past 3 months. No trust. No truth.

I do not trust, but, I want to. I know I can. Can you?

Now I see that science has provided some interesting tools. These are the tools we need now.

Some use science for war. I think that is a war crime. Some may tell you that the only way to get the best science is through war. I assert that is a lie. Is it a lie? What is a lie?

Regardless, I want to see leadership use science for peace. Can we try this idea instead of the war thing? I will no longer support the current model of government. Why should I? What are they delivering to me? All I see is the next war.

War seems to be “of no concern”: our society forgets the conflicts around the globe. Is this a safe way to proceed into the future? Is this wise to use repression and avoid thinking of the terrible things done in the name of profit? Is this a healthy longterm plan?

The power games for money and the repression of people is alive and well. Good thing the US banned slavery? Is slavery dead, globally, or did the USA export it? Good thing the US is prosecuting Julian Assange, because they support slavery still. Economic slavery.

I am not that cool with slavery, I have to tell you. I tell people that globalization was the evolution of human slavery. Interesting article from yesterday.

Until proven innocent, I assert that all politicians are guilty. Is this wise? I assert yes.

Wikileaks is the history of our old society. It is already outdated. Sorry Julian, nice try!

Psychology has the tools. The tools I feel safe with.

I want my leadership given public psychological evaluations on CBC. These honest leaders would have no problem demonstrating their honesty in leadership. It is a basic tenant to leadership.

Time to step up to the podium “gentlemen”. I do know that I want my current leadership evaluated. I also want the opposition evaluated as well. Lets evaluate them all.

Lets start at the top and work our way down. One leader per night. Would be better than watching the show In Treatment! Reality TV meets Government! How awesome where is my popcorn!

I will trust my government when I can see the results of these tests. But, some would argue what is the test?

I just want a simple test.

I want "them" to ask one question: “Are you an honest leader for Canada”?

Of course I want to see the MEG in real time.

What is inside the head of your leader? Would you trust your leader if an expert told you they were a viable candidate for leadership? I might. ;)


* - when I have control in “my information” and have an open and helpful Canadian Intelligence Agency, so I can look at some of “your” information and get to know you better. I do not want to know much. Just a few things. Nothing else. What if you could control your information? What would you like others to see? What would you not? What if you could see that Stephen Harper is lieing to your face in real time? Would that help you? Is it even possible? I assert yes. Anything is possible, especially when people trust the end results. An open and transparent government. Until then, good luck politics, now you must endure the hundreds of future “Wikileaks-Flavours-of-the-Weak” coming your way. How “will” your security agents feeling about this future? Poor spys, such a tough job.

P.S. - This simple process is less invasive than my proposed LIEDAR systems ( real time lie detection systems used in houses of government ). Just like photoradar, LIEDAR simply reduces a politicians pension fund, a tiny bit, each time they lie. Might just be the smartest way to smaller government ever created. You are welcome!

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