Friday, December 24, 2010

Thanks Religion!

Thanks Religion!

I know I constantly trash religion. Why? Because it is easy, and science provides a better set of moral principles. That is my opinion. Religion was hijacked. Hijacked by socially-retarded people for power and money at the expense of: lives, the safety of its people, and morality.

But, what about the pureists, the non-whacko religious types? Thanks! Thanks for behaving kindly.

So, In good manner, I would like to thank all the religious people that give time and effort to help other people, in need. I mean actually help people, not sending money to a “whacko” so you can get in to heaven faster and easier.

The ones that truely care for all.

For all the volunteers, that make others lives easier. For the people that build happy and safe communities through non-violence or without segregation. The active people that help others in times of crisis with anything they can offer ( hope, food, shelter, friendship ).

I know that Christmas is coming. And for some, it is a special time for family and friends. For those that truely give, I thank you. I would also like to acknowledge some special people, I know, that believe that “God is Love”, nothing more, nothing less.

To those people, I thank you!


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