Sunday, December 26, 2010

Untapped Markets

“Untapped” Canadian Markets:

Healthcare and handguns?

Looks like Stephen is slow to adapt to gun violence and gun controls in Canada. Seeing violence as the “coat tails” to enact more laws against violence?

Is this to help prison populations, private hospital revenues, the court economy? Is this another brilliant stimulus package surprise?

It is interesting to see Harper and the GOP in "lockstep". I am sure that gun industry is dying to get into Canadian markets. Would it help his “police state” model of disaster capitalism get a "good head of steam" to frighten Canadians into submisson?

With courts loaded with gun violence, we can let white collar criminals loose.

I think at this point, do we need to start looking at conservative “police state” aspirations in Canada?

I am sick of the gun violence in Canada. Little kids trying to be “Gangstas”. Why educate kids and help them out of "the despiration of poverty" and discrimination? Is this bad for business?

When we start selling crazy handguns in Canada, I am outta here?

Working in Detroit gave me a pretty good idea. 3” bullet proof glass at the banks and taco bell, in corner stores, etc. "Have a nice day"!

Maybe when we boot Harper, would he live on 6 mile in Detroit to see his "parties future of good business models"?

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