Tuesday, February 1, 2011

International Declaration of #Freedom 4 #Earth & #Science

Creative Reality Writing 101 : Metaman

This day February 1, 2011 I do declare Freedom of Earth and Science, by the simple chaotic order of our universe. Homosapiens will now comply to these new laws : The Universal Laws of Science.

Science has been used, negatively, to destroy and hurt other humans and everything on our planet. Why are we buying cleaner light bulbs when the global military carbon footprint has already squashed our chances of a clean and healthy future ecosystem.

Science has been used both physically and psychologically for negative purpose. This is no longer actionable. Violence is disease. Healthy stability brings peace.

Using scientific knowledge, against the presumed consent, of millions of beautiful and creative human minds that helped shape it and create it is no longer actionable.

The intellectual property of millions of scientists has been presumed inadmissible in ownership of patent. This is no longer defensible.

The presumption of “collective negative scientific intent” is unfounded & baseless thus illegal. This is no longer tolerated.

Many scientists aspired to advance scientific knowledge and understanding with the intent that their work could help communities, humanity, animals or our ecosystem and peace.

Positive change using positive science works better. Evolution of science & humanity will not be held by the weak negative grasp of histories mistakes.

Future positive science cannot witness past negative science, just improves future progress.

Humanity is evolving now. Communications are accelerating. Freedom and peace is the goal.

Our evolution will only result though positive progress, or humanity repeats “it” again, this time with the most scientifically efficient killing tools ever created to intimidate and incite fear.

Moving forward without peace is impossible. Those that fixate on “the story of sad” need positive change.

Everyone deserves the results of positive science. Knowledge should be shared for free for freedom.

With the flux of change since November 2, 2010, I see that the only “people on the run” will be the people the world can see in real time and find distasteful. The new market of Greedarazzi is born? Yes.

Open information is suppressed by governments, for good reason. But, can humanity evolve towards one positive goal? Yes. We are and have already started. Peace is changing.

Governments cannot provide peace, people do and people will.

Freedom is simple. Evolution is not. Our globe will destabilize as the negative power structures fall, balanced on years of lies and sometimes hate: negatives.

Toppled by the people: toppled by global love: toppled by the common person and child.

Our first success will be the global elimination of war-based and fear-based sciences.

Next, legal rights will be given to all living entities on Earth.

Then we can all move towards a positive future, together.

A future where negative cannot find shelter from positive: the reality of quantum with the security of Metaman.


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