Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Karl Rove 101 for Canadians & #Elxn41

Karl Rove is a greasy puke and he likes to share his grease with any oil friendly friends.

Here is a funny list I saw and thought I would share with you!

Rovian strategy for Canadians

1. Act quickly, punch hard, go for the throat.
Corollary: Do what it takes; rapid response is key.

2. Attack the opponents' strengths by making them appear as weaknesses.
Corollary: Project your own weaknesses on opponents.

3. Defend weaknesses by making them appear strengths.
Corollary: Claim your opponents' strengths for yourself.

4. Deny all criticism; question the facts.
Corollary: Attack the media's "liberal bias" for reporting unfavorable information.

5. Emphasize emotions over facts, symbols over substance, and story over issues.
Corollary: Ideology trumps reality, narrative trumps history.

6. Shape reality through disinformation and misinformation.
Corollary; A lie told often enough appears as truth.

7. Emphasize polarization.
Corollary: Feed the base; demonize the opposition.

8. Use surrogates to attack from all angles in the most outrageous fashion.
Corollary: Look clean and get others to do your dirty work.

9. Stay on message and focus on mission.
Corollary: Repeat the official talking points ad nauseam and get the media to follow suit.

10. Play offense not defense.
Corollary: Make opponents play defense and keep them off-message.

11. The most powerful motivators are fear, exclusivity, guilt and greed.
Corollary: Manipulate the public anyway you can

12. If all else fails, cheat.
Corollary: It's not like dumb sacks of shit like you win any other way.

13. And if cheating doesn't work, steal the election.
Corollary: What did you think electronic voting and using election laws for voter suppression was for anyway?

There you go! I hope this helps you understand the basics of the CPC party. So, next time Stephen Harper opens his mouth, think Karl and this list. You will be amazed how it clears everything up.


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