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Ousting Harper: Planned Parliamenthood

Ousting Harper: Planned Parliamenthood

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The voting system in Canada does not seem to represent “the peoples vote”. There has been lots of talk about reforming this system to better reflect the sentiment of the Canadian voter. The reality is our political landscape is a well trodden chessboard that parties can manipulate to gain power. Stand tall on a few key squares and poof, the other squares do not matter. Is this fair? Who cares!

Last election, the Green Party got 10% of the vote, but, did not win one seat. This is the reality of our system and I feel that it discourages youth voters and also forces people to vote strategically – ABC ( anything but conservative ) but, to be fair, I currently support ABH, anything but Harper. I know many well rounded conservatives and most are not happy with King Stevie. Teamwork can help us all extract this anomaly in Canadian Democracy ( more like US bipartisan right wing GOP ).

There are many systems of voting models, but reality is we have the same tired system for this election on May 2, 2011. In my limited voting knowledge experience, I have seen these: Proportional Representation and Ranked Ballot. Will Canada switch its system? Who cares, for now.

What I care about is May 2nd. That is when we need to vote "ABH". CPC "lemmings" did the fear mongering dance with their coalition talking point, but forgot about the word “cheating” with vote swapping. Conservatives don't talk about this, for good reason.

Vote swapping has been around for a while. Nothing new, but what is new is Twitter. What is also new is the need for Canadians to eliminate the CPC "hidden agenda" methods and its corrupt and ethically-challenged methods in parliament. I do not trust Harper. Do you? This I care about!

I care that Harper is eroding the humanitarian leadership and peacekeeping image of Canada. Cutting efforts and progress in the environment and human rights. Operating with disregard of democratic transparency and contempt of parliament. No thanks! Time to change the bathwater in Ottawa.

So, with twitter, Canada can “cheat” the system: I call it “Planned Parliamenthood” : Vote Swapping.

Bigger cities have the luxury of having both strong Liberal and New Democrat, in some ridings, with very weak Conservative representation. I laughingly refer to it as “intelligence and cultural diversity”. So, in these ridings, we have surplus “Anti-Harper” potential, just waiting to be lovingly spread around Canada like our spring time fertilizer. Lets grow our democracy again!

My plan is to get Elizabeth May a seat using this idea. Not by voting for the Green Party, no. By swapping my vote with someone that wants Liberal or New Democratic. They vote green for me, I vote Liberal or NDP for them. Swappo! Mission Accomplished.

In the 2008 election, 6000 people registered for vote sharing or vote swapping. This is significant since “they” say 20,000 votes can swing a party into power.

Vote sharing requires some homework. So, if you think you can better oust Harper, or oust Harper and elect Elizabeth May ( some are doing this in protest, and my higher-order democracy option ), read through the sites and do your own homework.

Oh ya, remember Elections Canada recognizes swap voting, thus, use it with pride!

On May 2nd, lets oust Harper!


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