Friday, December 24, 2010

HOT BLOG >:( CF-35: No PR Blitz here.

Mr. Harper,

Creating jobs in Canada is not your fort. I say fort for a reason, forte is the second accepted spelling.

Everything with your job creation plan is "second" rate, perhaps "third".

By ignoring C-311 you have kicked Canadas Green sector in the nuts again. Thanks dummy! It happens to be one of the fastest growing sectors in the global economy ( did they wire you up with only Fox News? ).

You should try focusing on things that help Canada.

Buying F-35's is cool ( but, I must repress my mechanical whiz-bangness, because war is bad ). The one that hovers is the coolest!

Factoid Mr. Harper: Did you know I use the same engineering software that they did to design and build the LiftFan unit? They used digital simulation (which is greener than building physical prototypes) and did not have any test runs. When they installed it, it worked first time. You know why Mr. Harper? Because, In our industry, we have to be right the first time, unlike yours it seems. We plan for success ahead of time, if we don't, we go out of business, or get canned. You plan for corporations, but, is that what leaders do? I wish I could work for you? Not really, I want to accomplish great things (but that pension and benefits look so tasty, can I get those too?). No accountability and no plan needed for your office! Wow, you are a powerful man! For a little while longer. Watching your Bushesque leadership can only lead me to believe that your book will be titled: “Following Others Decision Points”.

By getting rid of the CF-18, you are forcing the Canadian aerospace industry to “retool” its operations. I guess you will throw more tax-cash at them for the transition? You will also have to train a new crew of pilots ( sorry, pilots, I know new planes must be fun ), thus, losing our experienced pilots knowledge of our fighter plane. Do we need these things for just wars? Seems like they get some action, but, not a lot. Lets put some on “ice” in Trenton for later? Then fly a smaller squadron for “peace keeping” (saves money) and buy UAV's .

Is it money well spent to buy “piloted” fighters, when UAV's are a superior choice? You are having round table discussions, but, who is questioning the validity of a “piloted” plane? Maybe someone will bring it up? I hope so, because you should listen to experts first, not your “deciders”.

My plan is: to extend the CF-18 Program and buy UAV's. Why? Because UAV's can be equipped, by Canadian companies with even more extra "goodies". Not only to scan for “bad guys” and “evil doers” and intercept “the big scary Russians” ( do you hug your teddy at night? ), but also equip them with photonics .

Photonics that can: quantify air pollution (over the tarsands), collect plant data (of our forests and agricultural interests), scan surface temperatures (of land, oceans and lakes) and count how many caribou that are left in our future giant “arctic-swamp”. These systems and information are in demand and will have an excellent export potential. That creates jobs, and opens revenue streams for researchers studying climate change. You could rent out e-time and “make money”. You actually let the oil companies use our icebreakers? Are the oil companies hard up for cash again? Make them buy new ships from us. That creates jobs. Helps the dudes out at NRC too (photonics stuff).

I know its hard to lead. US war profiteers breathing down your neck to buy whatever they tell you to. But seriously, grow some balls and grow some jobs in Canada.

And seriously, liberals, you think you can do better? We need a leader in Canada and empower them to make some difficult “decision points” about our future and our climate AND how Canada will flourish with new Green industries.

Some fear mongers say in ~40 years we won't have any feasible oil left. Well, that is 14,600 days from now, minus the extensive holidays you guys get for some reason. You have no control over our environment, so we must lead and control it.

Remember your first day? The day most of us regretted? You spoke and said something. You said you would spend money on arctic sovereignty. First day. It was not your plan, was it Mr. Harper.


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