Friday, December 24, 2010

#metaman ?

#dgd Big Brain Holiday!

Learning new "Meta-Language"? What is that?

Sometimes we need to think for fun. It allows us to think new things. It grows our grey matter and leads to innovation. Using science, experimenting and observing results, we can prove or disprove ideas or hypotheses.

I think that Twitter is a blast! For those that are having fun: Enjoy! For those that use it as a tool of misinformation, poo on you! I do not accept that behaviour. With so many: bots, fake people for advertising, people spreading hate: it is hard to cut through the crap and just talk with others without the corporate messages training our subconscious that consumption equals success in mate selection. I joke how human mate selection is on a closed loop to destruction, and it is. We need to learn "new tricks" and to appreciate others that make positive change. This recognition of behaviour between two people bonds them as they both recognize each others equal understanding. If you hate science, then insert "god" here and stop reading.

I wonder if Richard Dawkins would say: “If you hate science, then stuff that god up your ass and fuck off while you are doing it!”? Its so hard to guess, but I tried.

In a few of my Blogs, I speak of #metaman. If you like puzzles, then you might like this, if you can take it. Threatdown!

This is a “deepgreendesign brain holiday” to paradise! This was such fun!

The evolution of language is neat: Expert translators, interpretations, cultural usage, reemergence of words, Colbert pulling words out of his “god fearing ass”. Communication in humans is amazing! We have our big “bad” brains to thank! Recently, I learned more about psychology and communication about dogs. I have to thank Cesar Milan! Cesar showed me how to use my human psychology to better interpret “his” dog psychology teachings.

Its all about behaviour, body language and voicing your opinion, mentally or physically, to dominate the dog, so everyone is calm and happy. It works best if you can accomplish all this while always keeping a “cool head”. Dogs like stable pack leadership environment. If you establish your dominance, then treat them morally, they will be happy to follow you. For most dogs, they get it pretty quickly, but, the second you “lose it”, they may challenge your authority, but not usually, if the dog is in a calm submissive state. Some dogs are “bad”. Cesar leads those dogs to his dog treatment centre. There, an established pack of socialized dogs, that Cesar leads, helps rehabilitate any dog (unless they have a serious mental illness – have not seen much of that, but, if the dogs brain is broke, it may remain violent and not be socialized and not attain a happy state of mind, not sure about that, Cesar must help #metaman with this). Sounds complex ( it is, its science ;), but simply put, they have to teach the “bad” dog to be a dog again, and the pack can do it faster than any human. Why? Dogs “get” dogs better, go figure. Cesar rocks!

#Metaman refers to the integration of humans and the Internet (machine) to form a global “positive conscience” (global consiousness). Computers use mostly digital logic, numbers. Two of them, on and off. 1 and 0. This represents a human language translation from language to numbers. If I wrote this in digital, you would not open my Blogs, except those “geeks” with translators and plenty of curiosity. I would limit my audience, and I want to share my “#iearth1st” construct with as many people as possible. Can we evolve language to do it? Of course! Does it work? I do not know. But lets try. My previous Blog post was in "#metaman" language. Since twitter only has 140 characters, you need to be wise with your stuff. How can you reach a maximum audience, that wants to listen to your “#opinion”? If we can optimize our language for communication to a larger audience, we can transfer ideas and messages, faster with less space, and discriminate the ideas we are not interested in. Sure we can use more space with other formats, but, this is Twitter! Get with the program! Maximize your impact right? If we have a common language of #science, we can compact this even more. To use this, you must know how to embed information with #hashtags. When I first started twittering, I was like cool, okay. So? But, good ideas take time and there is nothing like an impending threat to give something new a try. This threat, for me, in meta-language is "#climatechange #makemesick".

This is my current experiment in Twitter. Creating a simple structured data packet that my audience and others can deconstruct and understand, then spread to others, if they support my ideas, or wish others to criticize them for another opinion. Since it is ordered in “intent to communicate with #metaman language” it is linear at first, then you can make it complex. I was doing this last tonight, testing the my “new patent pending #metaman language”. Why not? People are reading my Blogs like crazy, so, thought I would just keep playing and get "this thing" bigger, faster.

I find that people are responding to my concerns and readership is growing like crazy, If I could invest in me on my blog readership since #nov2nd, say $100, I would, as of last nights final numbers, have a value of $227,368.42, wow, I have a product people like and trust!). People can identify with my stress about the worlds big problems? Unstable leaders unable to defend their actions against an informed public. Wikileaks getting published more and more. People are pissed. And for good reason. Government has no moral authority anymore. In our global population, seems like the “bathwater is dirty” with respect to both law and government. People have little access to it and little impact on policies that citizens support. I assert that we need to change the “bathwater often” to keep things a “little less stinky”, but, after a while, it just stinks again. Is there a new way? Yes! #metaman.

This is because governments and courts are unable to react to urgent situations and deliver a progressive moral policy to its customers, its citizens. We have seen this in the past decades with unabated genocide in Africa. More hours watching the “holocaust channel” than actually working to stopping it from continuing. No “direct mobilizing action” to stop these things quickly and equitably to serve citizens inside the target country of the “Global War Machine” (#gwm). Its all power brokering: Who will help? Do we help? Can we help? All the while, people are helpless and typically being abused or killed. Good system? Not right now, no. But, we can improve it using #metaman. Lets not keep peacekeeping forces “neutered” while the big boys figure out who wins the most business and can maintain their “oppression of some” (the perceived threat of freedom and how it would impact their “economic terrorism” and "disaster capitalism".

In recent news, Israel demanded F-35's to extend talks for just 90 days. Is this moral? No, it is the negotiation they demand. Those planes were the currency to have them just “listen”. Of course the spin doctors are painting President Barack Obama as “giving away free planes to Israel”. This message tends to piss people off. On all sides. And perhaps in this case, globally. According to “expert deciders”, Iran must perish. Iran used to be a “democratic state”, until religion erased “freedom” and Human Rights. Whats up with that? Well, that is religion running government, something the “founding fathers” in America, planned to avoid. They were smart, they learned from history, of what religion does and they wanted to try something “new”, like me, with separation of Church and State. Well, with the courts system based on flawed European “models of justice”, here we are again. Big money sucking the brains out of peoples heads, while a misinformed public voted the “big dummy” back in to fix what they broke originally, and making President Barack Obama look like an “ineffective leader”. It worked. Why? Is everyone playing COD Black Ops? I am not sure. But, the GOP gotter' dun'.

When I lived in Windsor, Ontario, I used to watch a chap named “Dr. Jack van Impe” this stuff was pure religious, subversive “shit”. Jack would respond to each oh his wifes “global news observations”. Jack then employed “stovepiping any story” through scripture to read his “tealeaves” and draw his “magical conclusions”. Jack would always get very excited about his resultant: “the rapture”. A glow came over his face, as his hands raised and clenched, as he described how Jesus Christ would “return to blast all the bad guys away”. Followed with an Amen and a smile from his wife ( I always wondered if she believed him, or was just in it for the mountains of cash they fleeced from “regular” religious folks). Sad and pathetic. But, it still makes me laugh, not as much as Fred Phelps, though. He is my religious “crack whore”. He makes Osama bin Laden look like a fuzzy "kitten". I wonder what Fred Phelps would do with some nukes and aircraft carrier? I wonder if we could call that “rational moral behaviour”?

Our systems are broken. It does not deliver the peoples desires, fast enough. So, when we are all driving towards the cliff with “Sarah Palin in charge”, some decent human has to “take her out” and “get control of the car”, press the brakes, put it reverse and drive everyone to the picnic grounds for a wonderful Wednesday picnic lunch. It might even be a nice day for some organic watermelon!

That decent human is not a human, its “#metaman”. Meaning a global "positive repository" and "activist" to steer the “car”.

Yesterday, I was messing around. I created a #hashtag “#nov2nd”. It expresses my #opinion to #metaman.

This hashtag is very complex and simply elegant. It is voicing my understanding of human evolution through other hashtags and illustrates that #metaman can do a better job at morality. Think of it as the Wikipedia of "collective positive behavior" that can take action and effect change, by the citizens of the earth.

This #hashtag is fun (for me):

#nov2nd: November 2nd, 2010. #dgd #nailedya #ECODEXTER #iearth1st : Definitions : Order : #love #psychology #designers #moral #volunteering #growers #biology #currency #professional #science #math #darwin #evolution #genetics #chaos #brights #metaman #humanrights #equality #security #peace #fun #smile even #giggle! Thanks #Science! I love #Science!

There are embedded #hashtags: #ecodexter and #iearth1st (the actions/definitions) look them up on the “Google”. The other hashtags, following, are the definitions in order of importance. These definitions illustrate the evolution of human understanding/discoveries using our current understanding of science and my goal of “global peace”. Starting with #love ( people reproduce ), #psychology ( I think therefore I am ) #designers (learn to shape our environment) #moral ( learning beneficial behaviour that protects the group) #volunteering ( with morals we can help all people ) #growers ( learning agriculture ) #biology (plant and animal “wifery”) #currency (we trade our stuff for mutual benefit) #professional ( we establish a responsible title to define “expert” purpose ) #science ( with experts comes discovery ) #math ( with discovery we use symbols to quantify our universal observations ) #darwin ( one of my heroes ) #evolution (discovering how life adapts with environments) #genetics ( DNA) #chaos (non-linear math, the shapes of nature and structuring, etc.) #brights ( I became a bright to signify I have belief in a naturalistic view ) #metaman ( 9/11 defines “Metaman” inception) #humanrights (global voice of #metaman demanding global rights and sharing information to attain them ) #equality ( with everyone having rights, we have equality with all other people and life ) #security ( with equality, we gain security) #peace ( with security will come peace) #fun ( with peace comes fun ) #smile ( with fun comes smiles ) #giggle ( from smiles come giggles ) You get it?

By structuring and parameterizing language we can reduce our language by referring to other links. This is not new. I have included lots of hyper-links in my Blogs, some are information, the other ones are fun. My Blogs illustrate the above concept of embedded information. I am constantly forcing you to view Wikipedia ( a socially controlled information repository, managed by concensus ) for "real" definitions and having fun with links that I choose to express my feelings.

So, by applying a simple order of operations we can communicate a “huge message” in a small space. If we could add more complex math symbols ( topology, etc. ) ... you get the picture.

"My language" is supposed to be fun, for now. So, I tried it our on a few unsuspecting people. A few responded back using my hashtags, in response, a dude asked if “I was mocking #science, or on drugs”. I told him:

Pretending to be a Bot:

Incorrect! All #brains use #chemicals! #metaman talks! Thanks to #science! I love #science! #nov2nd was #invented #iearth1st

So, I told him, no, #metaman is speaking, thanks to science, I believe in science (pure brainwashing?), and how we can “attain peace” through my assertion that “excludes religion” from the evolution of “#metaman”. Then I told him what my intent is #iearth1st ( I want to help solve challenges that impact us all ), so, no I was not mocking science. He could not understand me, nor should he have. I wonder if he will read this Blog and think, okay, now I understand. If he is progressive, he should eventually return and thank me, in "#metaman". I am watching for you buster!

For fun, and to test my system. I sent my distress call(of impending global doom) to “#metaman:”

23:34/11:26:10 #echelon #nov2nd #iearth1st do you? #ECODEXTER #opinion #un #dgd

This time : sending a message to echelon ( #metamans' current “military controlled” “brain”) :

To me, that is my #opinion about (November 2nd), the day I got pissed off!

So, I started using my language today:

Ad-Free Blog: “HOT BLOG >:( Wikileaks & Me - long long long version!” #pmharper #cdnpoli #cbc #wikileaks #un


Ad-Free Blog: “HOT BLOG >:( #Wikileaks & Me!” #climatechange #makemesick #ECODEXTER #metaman #iearth1st do you?

So, you can see, the affinity to propagate my simple message is vastly increased.

Real results and responses?

My first #metaman evidence success? (this person started following me, so I responded)

@xxx Hi xxx! I love #organic! We can use #science to get it! I love #science! #ECODEXTER #nov2nd #iearth1st do you?

Not sure how "good" his meta-language is ( he is in Indonesia ), but his response was:

@deepgreendesign ok, I'll upload a video on how to make organic fertilizer to you on my blog, please you visit my blog

I responded:

@xxx Thank you for #sharing #knowledge! #People need #free #information and you #help #metaman ! #cdnpoli #fail #ECODEXTER #nov2nd

So, in a nutshell, he is sharing with #metaman. Something each person can learn and benefit from. I am also saying that the Canadian Government failed to give me this information and we need #metaman instead.

After this self validation, I decided that we need to give “#metaman” his “voice”. So, I sent this message:

#metaman needs #help! From #science! People need Tweet-bot for #metaman ! #climatechange #makemesick #iearth1st do you? I love #toronto #help

So, If someone creates a re-tweeter for #metaman, the I have proved that “#metaman” can grow and learn. We just have to teach and add to “#metaman”, for now.

I do not know how to make a re-tweeter, so, this would help me. I am asking for help in my message.

I will follow this up if anyone makes a #metaman re-tweeter.

For those of you that think I have spoiled my intent, by discussing this here. You are mistaken. :p


P.S. - #metaman #help “Organic Peanut Butter Cookies”

All information and concepts on my blog is property of me, Graham Chivers.

Retweeting is highly recommended!

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If you do not agree with any above content, prove it first. If you can teach me something, I will thank you in a manner warranted. If you are intending to “limit my internet access” or Freedom of Speech or my Human Rights: please go away!

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