Friday, December 24, 2010

Brainwashing? You decide!

I always assert that religion and racism is brainwashing.

Kids being taught and learning anything is "brainwashing".

Think of it as; "negative" or "postive" brainwashing.

If the parents keep everything positive, in positive constructive discussion, they can probably get more responsible and curious children, better aware of "right" and "wrong".

I always say "Monkey see, monkey do", meaning kids are sponges. It is how many animals teach their young. The more advanced the species, the longer this can take.

Do you want your kids soaking "negatives" up? Should be called brainsucking, instead?

Cause this brain sucks!

What did President Barack Obama accomplish? Well, kiddo, its not in childrens books.

Poor kid thinks sex is bad. Should be taught "responsible sex". Can you guess what else he should be taught? That his parents are brainwashing him.

Now that I am watch this, kind of resembles Prime Minister Harpers Kid.

Makes me wonder, who else has been brainwashed. Can you think of more examples?



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