Friday, December 24, 2010

Harpers Killers?

Canadian Conservatives: killers?

But first, an "Eye Safety Tip" from George Carlin:

Here's a safety tip from the American Eye Association: Never jab a knitting needle directly into your eye and repeatedly thrust it in and out. You could be inviting vision problems. If you should suffer an eye injury, rinse the eye immediately with a caustic solution of Clorox and ammonia, and rub the surface of the eye vigorously for about ten minutes with #3 sandpaper. The American Eye Association reminds you: Don't fuck around with your eyes. They're the key to vision

Thanks George!

Where was I?

I CALLED IT! #nailedya!

Tonight I heard chilling words. The words of truth? No, the words of pure evil.

Tom Flanagan said it. He said the Wikileaks, Julian Assange (Australian, But in “FOXnews-lemming-talk” pronounced in French) should be assassinated. Killed. For the “kinda wimpy” leaks about "unprofessional and undiplomatic code of conduct".

Interesting that he suggests using a "drone", while his party wants F-35s, but I digress.

I originally thought that Wikileaks was going to announce that: George Bush was a lab experiment gone “right”, in the Monsanto Labs, as an April Fools gag.

Today, I crafted this "tweet" up (before I heard this news Flanagans "hate speech" and "criminal intent"):

"Julian Assange: No worries! Just make up new words! Lawyers do it! Thunk it up! If #war #criminals do it, so can #peace criminals. #cdnpoli"

So, this leads me to believe that my commentary, on politics and the “religion” that some of these people preach, would lead Tom Flanagan to want to kill me?

Do I feel safe in a Canada when one of Prime Ministers Harpers Advisor's “blurts” out things that are outlined, as criminal, in the Geneva Conventions as unacceptable behaviour.

Tom Flanagan even said "I am feeling rather manly, today". This is because, inside, he is a scared little boy. Afraid. Do real men kill? I assert no. They protect their families and their neighbours.

Thanks Tom for giving men a good name, "douchebag". Naomi Klein was right about men, like you.

Now you might get a better feeling why Harper treated Omar Khadr like a criminal, and not a child soldier, because it supports conservative extremist ideology.

Now, I am scared. That one Canadian would naturally call for my assassination, as I am calling for the promotion of science and asserting that governments cannot act morally.

Wish me luck! If I die. You have your starting point. If it makes the news.


P.S. - I am not scared to stand for freedom and truth. I am Canadian!


*( Thanks for sharing that vid, cute & funny! Thanks for sharing information, science, about Canada in a positive way! Sharing can be fun too! Good Work! :)

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