Friday, December 24, 2010

War and Religion: Honey, I brainwashed the kids!

War and Religion: Honey, I brainwashed the kids!

I have always been interested in the impact of religion on children, since I am a survivor. My religious background was peaceful, but, still I found my way free. I think it is much easier to give up religion when bombs are not exploding in your neighbourhood. For those children that are exposed to extreme violence, religion must be harder to escape, since the “evidence” of evil forces ( for an impressionable mind ) are “all around”. Look at Omar Khadr, a child soldier, did he have a choice? Most Americans respect the “off my land or I will get the splatter gun” philosophy, but not when the “other side” does it.

The impacts of religion on morality are interesting. Since each religion claims to provide morals, it also teaches children to hate with good conscience. I refer to the Tamarin study. A few years ago, after reading the God Delusion (Richard Dawkins). I looked it up and read it.

In a nutshell, children are posed some difficult questions. By changing the facts between two control groups, the results are demonstrated: killing in the name of “god” is morally correct (I am always looking for new studies, so, if you have any, please leave a link ).

For the children that endure the current military conflicts in the world ( Naxalite-Maoist insurgency , Afghan civil war , Somali Civil War , Iraq War , War in North-West Pakistan , Mexican Drug War , Sudanese nomadic conflicts , Internal conflict in Burma , Arab–Israeli conflict , Basque Conflict , Colombian Armed Conflict , Insurgency in Northeast India , Papua conflict , Insurgency in the Philippines , Turkey–Kurdistan Workers' Party conflict , Lord's Resistance Army insurgency , Insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir , Insurgency in the Maghreb , Balochistan conflict ,Iran–Party for a Free Life in Kurdistan conflict ,South Thailand insurgency , Fourth Civil War of Chad ,Cambodian–Thai border stand-off ,Insurgency in the North Caucasus , South Yemen insurgency ,Yemeni al-Qaeda crackdown ) , how can they escape the “baptism by fire”? This exposure to violence and killing is what fosters the cycle of killing and hate. Teaching children to hate is a crime. Its brainwashing.

In my blog, “Better War?”, I assert that the UN should be removing children ( and willing parties ) to a secure area outside the “conflict country” to abate the psychological damage and to educate children with science, not religion.

I feel that science provides a better platform for morality than religion. Some feel that Atheists have no morality and I oppose that notion. I would like to see the same study, that was performed in Israel ( Tamarin-esque ) performed on a group of Atheist children. Compare the results with a religious control group and observe the results. I am confident that Atheist children will not find killing “in the name of god” a moral thing to do.


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