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Justice: “Weed”!

Justice: “Weed”!

The business of combating “illegal” marijuana and the business of “growing it” in Canada seems to be growth industry. Building both sides of “right” and “wrong”. Is combatting "issues" smart or is education needed more?

High technology helicopters with FLIR, “combing the homes” for “heat losses” and weed. Works great! They use science! How smart is that!

I did my “Grade 9 highschool speech” on FLIR systems. Did those kids invest? I have watched the technology evolve from Military to Commercial. It is cool to see it being used to save people from burning homes by firemen. Sad to see it used to spray depleted uranium on civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. I bet the “scientist team” are proud? Not sure. Did they have a choice in how the technology would be used? Not sure. Did they need to "sell their science"? Yes.

Seems to me that the “war on weed” creates its own “bubble economy”, on both sides, of “Justice” and “Organized Crime”, in Canada. Looks like "Boardwalk Empire" has evolved itself into a tax funded operation?

Houses being bought to grow weed, busted, then putting an “illegal worker at risk of arrest”, etc. Sounds like organized crime to me. But, as a tax payer, do Canadians feel that other issues: Climate Science is worth investing in? Are my insurance costs and taxes going up because of “weed ops”. Do I even need to ask these things? I am a green product consultant, not an economist or insurance dude. I guess “yes”, though.

Plants all have “different interesting properties”. Some medicinal, some yummy, some poisonous some benifical to the environment and some humans love to cultivate.

Science has looked at different plant chemistries and “discovered a new scientific evolution in understanding genetics” and genetic engineering. Plants are a resource for learning “new medicines”. Some companies use their science for global monopolies and corporate control.

I wonder why Bush feared science? I fully digressed.

The FDA now "fast tracks" drugs with proper "monitary inputs". “Free markets” work? Please.

There are many “drugs” and chemicals that kids can get at “the store or get from someone else”. In Canada, we pay taxes so people cannot look at a cigarettes? Teens can buy Diviners Sage “without a problem”. Kids are tricky! Heck they can buy glue, gas and guns! Things that hurt a family is not moral “family values”. Can we ban these all now? I bet Prime Minister Harper would blush! Tony would be on the case in no time flat. The lawyers would assemble and do studies. Courts would argue. Ad Infinitum.

Is our “current system” protecting "my" society? “Uneducated children” buying a “still legal” drug that is the most hallucinogenic and also nonaddictive in nature? What are the long term impacts, of “Diviners Sage” on developing brains? Are kids safe doing this in an unsupervised environment without education about this drug? I have read a few articles, have you? Are you concerned now? Good. But, teach it, not prosecute it.

Yet, the helicopters fly around with a modified Striker SWAT teams on the ground: with courts and lawyers waiting for the next “big one” (Strikers are made in London Ontario). Is this smart? Is this expensive? You would have to look at the downstream costs ( the "fine print" in our Law system ).

What about the downstream costs of an empowered and smart kid, or parent, educated on what is good for them? Do the math. Accountants do it. Accountants are starting to use complex math more. The military owns complex math right now ( this is an assertion ).

We let “fine young chaps”, that rip off ~30 “old folks” of ~$25 million in Toronto, Ontario walk?

We throw an “illegal worker” into our “justice system” and let the “Don walk our streets and lanes”. That is a “stimulus package” in disguise? Prohibition is a “capitalist frenzy” for our courts other tax “sinkholes”?

Why can I not find as many CSIS reports anymore? Those are a fun read! Thanks CSIS! Is Harper trying to shut you down? I want more reports! I was looking for "Canadian Organized Drug Criminals". Maybe your search engine sucks. I do not know, and I am not a "domestic terrorist".

What I am trying to illustrate is that we should be educating our youth at a young age the effects of all drugs and chemicals on our brains and bodies. We have the science and the technology to diagnose brain addiction. We have the information, for all ages, to explain that all drugs can be dangerous for us. To learn to be curious about ones own health and happiness. Could be a lesson in too many vitamins or cough syrup too! Standardize this eduction and provide it for free to all schools! Now you can have 2 minutes of "knowledge of science" instead of "prayers" or "national anthems". Kids just might learn something? I know this one.

Next time “Timmy” goes to the “corner store” is "Prime Minister" Harper looking out for Timmys' health, or just “his future economic stimulus for our system”.

Is Harper just "stupid"?

I titled this Blog with “Weed”. So, if Canada legalized people to grow marijuana, it would put “a lot of non-value added tax burden” to rest and divert taxes to educate children and people, using science, the benefits and consequences of using all drugs responsibly and poorly. Keeping their minds and bodies safe. What a concept: Preventive medicine!

I noticed that Queens University just made cuts to the Arts and Science, due to "poor economic" times and Queens "investments".

Would it not be smarter to make cuts on Politics, Economics and "vapid" MBA programs that "lemmings" “free markets”? They made the mess? Did the board of Queens invest in ABCP? Did they perform a "rigorus risk analysis of their investments" using science? Could they? Do they care about Queens? ( the is a "GOP style" question )

I bet the “money men” at Queens thought ABCP was acceptable, at the time, and did not "stop" it? That is why they are in the red? Let them bleed their “wisdom”? That would mean "taking responsibility" to shareholder of Queens? Do they teach any "responsibility courses" at Queens? I am sure an Ethics person is mad at me. Well, be mad at them :p

Of course, legalizing “weed” would free up a lot of court time and "free the system" to go after “fine young” chaps that "rip off grannies". It would also allow more research and study groups for Pain Science and ensuring "proper education is being taught".

Of course, this would allow those “pot heads” out there relax and invest in RRSP's instead of weed. They just might grow some veggies too! Pot growers are a carbon sink?

Lateral thinking is interesting! Try it! Thanks complex math!


P.S. - seems like the only “Weed in Canada” is the “Justice System”.

P.S.S. - Look what President Barack Obama has to say about #science and #math

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