Friday, December 24, 2010

Why Am I A Blogging Fool?

November 2nd, 2010: the day America got it wrong.

Many of you may notice that my blog activity since November 2nd, 2010 is volcanic compared to my normal activity. Some think I am a funded enterprise. Some think I am nuts. Let me tell you, this is my voice. This is my freedom of speech. I feel that my rights in Canada are not being served and that government is inadequate to solve our current environmental threats. John Baird is the new Environment Minister, and sorry John, you are a big dud. Prove me wrong.

Seems like everyone agrees with most of my content... except some religious content. It is “inflammatory” and “controversial.” Thanks, but, its my assertion, as a Bright, that religion is fake.

What the heck does November 2nd 2010 have to do with anything? Let me explain more.

I worked in the USA for many years, as a “digital design” expert. Given the opportunity to live there, I said no. I remained in Canada and worked in the USA. This gave me a lot of exposure to America, Americans and of course border security after 9/11 terrorism attacks. I have a genetic predisposition for politics, so, I am always interested in learning more.

Soon as the first plane hit the World Trade Centre, I feared it was terrorism. When the second plane hit, I knew it was terrorism. I was a scared! In shock.

We went to lunch, still in shock. People asked, “Are you okay?”. I responded “No, this changes everything”. I ordered a shot of scotch to toast the world I once knew. Everyone though I was nuts. I raised that shot and said “This goes out to all that died, and the ones that will. This changes everything”.

My skeptics laughed, being “intelligence discriminators”, and reassured me that this was nothing that big, that the USA will protect us. They were republicans. Democrats, looked shakey and shared my fear.

I told my boss, “I am leaving. I am going home. They will probably shut the borders. He said, “Alright, go”.

I made the “mad dash” to the border. I was welcomed with military soldiers with guns pointed at each car and at mine. Dogs sniffed my car, mirrors quickly scanned me. They let me pass. The border shut down later that day. The following weeks, getting across that border was hell. All the border agents, I knew and saw everyday, were now in damage control. No more fun stuff.

One US customs officer used to joke with me, pre-9/11. I always had a locked metal briefcase, for my design work. Once he learned “me”, he would joke as I pulled up each morning: “What do you have in there? A bomb? Drugs? Money?”. I would stare back, straight faced, “All three, sir, plus industrial espionage that threatens US national security”. He would say, “Okay, have a great day!”. We both had fun with it.

After 9/11, he was cold, restrained and doing his job. Good, I guessed.

Okay back to November 2nd 2010. Whats the deal? When America did not mobilize the vote to maintain a Democratic controlled government, I though, here we go, this is it.

The republicans are attacking all progress. They are attacking science and anything that conflicts with their corporate relationships with war and oil profiteers. On 9/11 the world lost a little more of its Human Rights. And know it is a full on battle!

I am a Bright. For me the environment and religion are in conflict. Those that accept religion and discredit science, on the basis that it threatens their religion are prepared to do anything, it seems, to advance their advancement of ignorance.


P.S. - My blog stats have grown each day since Nov. 2nd! Starting at less than 5 hits, now I get hundreds of hits a day and picking up steam! Thanks and I hope each reader learns something useful and hopefully empower them to be an agent of positve change.

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