Friday, December 24, 2010


I had some confused tweets and messages about the "METAMAN TALK" Blog.

People should be confused? I planned it like that? Open conscious is important when you “look at” something new. I made METAMAN in a few days. My brain grew with all this conflict in our world.

Some people read it and wonder what I am "on about". Some people read it and message me: That was beautiful ( as in poetry-like ), Is this software? ( kind of ), Are you insane? ( I have not been diagnosed yet ), that tripped me out ( you are welcome ).

Well, I will answer once. If you have additions to my ideas, I would certainly engage in positive discussions only. Otherwise, this is not for you, right now.

Well, what is METAMAN anyways? METAMAN is a "collective" of free knowledge, first. It is free and contains no advertising ( except for my cool green products : just kidding! ). It is a “playground” for science and “science opinions”. But, there are some rules in this “school” (science), and at “recess”(opinion).

Only positive stuff is considered. Here are the rules so far:


Only constructive criticism and positive opinion is allowed, no exceptions ( so you must learn to think "positive-constructive-only", to “play” with METAMAN : more deepgreendesign subliminal programming, I admit it freely!, but #iearth1sted first! ).

METAMAN is a digital repository. It is science-related information only, at first, ( of the natural kind ). METAMAN is available to all people. Free. Just need Internet? It is maintained by “Leading Scientists” equally. Moderated by everyone. All conversations are recorded to ensure customer satistfaction and reality.

METAMAN is a “truth filter”: Only facts and opinions are ever stored. All relevant information is stored. "Junk" is archived.

SPEAK IN METALANGUAGE ONLY: You must learn to speak “METATALK” to “start”. You must “#iearth1st” METAMAN to "sign up" and "start exploring IT" for yourself.

ONCE YOU SUBMIT ANY INFORMATION: If you are asked to contribute: YOU LOOSE all intellectual property rights. But, now, you are the “METAMAN-authority”-owner of the information you add. (this needs work).

METAMAN can also be used for scientists, for peer review, that do not want to give up intellectual property rights. But, if you use METAMAN for “validation”, you agree to give up your intellectual property rights five years after you “earn #TRUTH compliance”. After five years, you automatically lose your intellectual property rights. Then the capital markets are free to profit from it.

TRUTH comes in two ways: METAMANs truth and yours.

METAMAN uses “four levels of truth” for each word in the “DICTIONARY OF SCIENCE”. METAMANs "TRUTH" is always in capital letters ( ie. TRUTH). A “new” users “positive science” "truth" would be lower-case (ie. truth). In between “TRUTH” and “truth” we get: “#truth” and “#TRUTH”. So, information gets “promoted to TRUTH”, as it is “found undeniable fact: +/- X%”. Everything that METAMAN says is TRUE ( #climate #change SCIENCE #is CURRENTLY BEING #discussed ) or ( GRAVITY IS FACT ) or (#barack #obama LOVES LOBSTER: if that were a fact, if not he would "love" LOBSTER, if Barack were seen eating lobster in secret he might #love LOBSTER, but only if there was solid evidence )

ALL DEMONSTRABLE: “positive opinion” is excepted, no exceptions. People can be moderated out of a "specific topic", but not blocked from “watching”. That way all of us learn, learn to help build something more-positive.

<<<< I feel that “opinion has no place aside science” in debates "to decide". Why? Its not based on science and in some cases immoral. Some say you cannot compare apples with oranges, but science can ( they are different )! My last blog discusses a climate skeptic, Bjorn Lomborg. Here he is again, refuting more scientists. I say that because his "junk science" has been demonstrated false before.

But, Bjorn goes back to his typewritter, with "fat sacks of corporate cash", to try a different "angle to attack" something he cannot understand. I refer to it as a “Dunning Kruger”: “He is a D-K”.

So, if science knows Bjorn is “full of it”, again, why does he get the right to speak out against the science of climate change, again? I am not sure, but I know that society is burdened by these people.

Maybe METAMAN can help us, our planet. Lets get Bjorn signed up fast! Will be be the first to get the boot from METAMAN? No “three strikes you are out” with METAMAN. But, maybe, METAMAN can forgive Bjorn, if he can make a positive and valid contribution? (I think so). It has to be like that.( some work on this too?).

I am tired of seeing: expert witnesses refuted by lawyers about concrete facts, politicans dictating “the best” policy, corporations acting like mindless psychopaths, killing to stay in the "black" when they are always in "the red". We need a fast acting “bullshit detector” that all people can trust and enjoy for learning more.

Is this nuts?

I do not think so. Once we free the truth to help all people. What about corporations? Do they get screwed? No, they need to adapt, and fast, but, they are smart right? ;) Evolution can suck, for some.

This concept opens the door to “distributed vertical integration”. This means, we do not produce things in a “small number of places”. We “make them” and “ship them” from “advanced modular green factories”, optimized for all products, in real-time, as people need them. ( I helped design an automated flexible system before: it can make “infinite flavours” of each product. Customized per instruction. )

Factories would make: products, medicines, food and “green slinkys”. This concept would also allow factories to be “optimized” in location near resources to make them. All products would be constrained to “green material” selections only. This is called “optimized supply and demand”. All factories would be built using deep geothermal power and “green” practices. Why geothermal? Because if there is a volcanic eruption or wind change patterns where current solar and wind installations are located; we would lose efficiency ergo ROI on investments and power capacity. It would also minimize wasted energy, resources and over production write-offs.

This way we can optimize production and demand. This way we can filter out the “egos in science”, because to refute, you must replace with better science or opinion.

Nobody owns METAMAN. METAMAN is our third culture. Our evolution from “oppression based capitalism” to “progressive healthy capitalism”. Once we achieve this. We can explore our Universe and let our population issues “get under control”.

This would bring jobs to each of the “highly” populated areas around the globe. We can calculate those! Using science! :)

We can also use it for voting for leaders and policy. Everyone has a vote. A unified voice. The voice of METAMAN.


P.S – METAMAN is a “complexly mirrored” distributed computing system and someday GREEN.

All information and concepts on my blog is property of me, Graham Chivers.

Retweeting is highly recommended!

This information may not be used, in any publications, without direct prior consent from Graham Chivers @ My Blog is not to be within or, on any entities that have advertising. Sounds weird? Well, that is my choice. Freedom of speech and freedom of access, without any capitalism, by companies, that I do not find green enough. I assert that my Blogs will deliver my blog with NO ADVERTISING! As such, If you wish to rebroadcast my content, ask for permission. If your publication has absolutely no advertising, anywhere, I will be happy let you use my content, on the condition that I verify the publication for content, first. I dreaded the day that my blog would be beside advertising for laptops or other non-green thingies, but, it did. Support Ad-Free knowledge! If you see this blog beside advertising, please, let them know to respect my authority as a citizen. Thank you! I assert the right to assert my opinion on each blog, I blog. I assert that I am not a “domestic terrorist”. I assert that I am an individual, not a marketing scam. I collect no data from my Blog. All the products use to manufacture this product are “free” on the Internet. I use no marketing software for data collection. I feel that anyone should be able to read my blog with only knowledge being the product for free.

If you do not agree with any above content, prove it first. If you can teach me something, I will thank you in a manner warranted. If you are intending to “limit my internet access” or Freedom of Speech or my Human Rights: please go away!

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