Friday, December 24, 2010

"Conscience" = Topology + Energy @ Time

Um, lets define Conscious: I will be using “words” in “1 page, or less”! Enjoy!

I was recently watching a video of Richard Dawkins, as he answered some “Reedit”questions. (~15 minutes long)

I always like to hear Richard speak. At one point, he said “what is conscious”? Well, Richard, here is my opinion. Please remember, I am a math and psychology geek!

The debate about “the human soul” is “timeless”? I guess everyone has mulled “this” in their minds? It is a "toughy". Some claim "god", some cannot prove it scientifically. Does it need proof? Nah! Lets go!

What is “our soul”? Well, it is what defines us “as unique”. In pure term, "everything is unique”. Some might say that all hydrogen atoms are the same, but, this is not true. Each behaves differently. Why? Because each “chunk of matter and energy” has a unique structure when observed. The positions of the electrons etc. Of course, atoms behave the same in chemical reactions? Well, lets just say, "no two anythings are the same", but, that uniqueness "rarely impacts" its "natural behaviour". Its a “very tiny” difference, but, it is real and "unarguable".

What do “our souls” have to do with hydrogen atoms? Well, our soul too is unique in “minute quantification”, meaning each of our brains has unique: memories, ideas, motivations and perception. When science looks close enough, we see that memory is a structure. Being "hungry" is a "common trait in most animals", that is not what I am discussing.

When I “invented my-math”, my simple rules where: that everything has a unique structure and energy. But, what is our soul? It is a resultant of "all our senses".

A wolfs' psychological survival behaviour is “much more complex” than that of a plants ability to seek “optimum position” for sunlight. I guess all life has senses? I assert yes, if, that "sense" increases survival chances, everything else is “structural”. A plant that can track the sunlight “better” than its “plant family” has an advantage. A wolf, that is an alpha leader: either female or male, has the best survival advantage (if that same wolf “could make money turning lead into gold”, humans would see this wolf as a threat? What would our brains do? Well, I assert some would find that wolf "a threat to them").

So, the “unique structure and energy” that all items “posses” give it inherent unique identity. Math.

When you “think big”, our brains are a “uniquely plastic shape, or topology”. Unique "connections": between neurons: between cognitive pathways. Some brains have “larger or smaller regions”. Add up all this stuff, and the fact that our brains change connections in real time: we can see that even “we” change in real time.

When we meet a new person, see a new “whizz bang”, read a new book or learn a new body experience ( skydiving or eating a new food ) etc., our brains make “tiny new connections” and also “disconnections”. Like an "old telephone switchboard”: new connections, important connections, obsolete connections and even the “unused”. Some of these connections are to support other connections. Cloud computing bliss!

Our personalities and conscious are: our current “unique brain structure” and how well “that works to increase “our” survivability”. This would also include the chemical operation characteristics: brain damage or chemical imbalances. I said “increase our survivability”, but, that is incorrect. It would be the “survival of family”. Is your planet included in your family?


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