Friday, December 24, 2010

Open letter to Brian.

Brian Rice,

I understand your frustration. I can see it in your tweets. You are frustrated with “spin”, dishonest politics, immoral decisions made without a vote, your vote or mine.

I am not a politician. I am a citizen. I am upset with the “War Machine” and its current attack on science. I am upset that many of the things Canada and the world can achieve are being put on the back burner and disaster capitalism put on the front, by choice, by 1% of the global population.

I feel that governments and courts cannot act morally. I feel they are broken and cannot react quickly with positive action. Citizens can provide a better voice for these systems. Citizens can make them accountable. They just have to say, yes we can!

I feel that many are dismissive when it comes to voting. “Why vote?”

I have two big goals: enact positive change: ban depleted uranium weapons and start METAMAN.

Governments, courts and laws are antiquated, and sometimes corrupt. Our global network of people on computers reacts much faster than these traditional systems. We do not need these old systems to "voice a large positive message".

In fact, my “Blog Opinions” are delivered faster than topical stories from CBC, how could they produce a story faster than I can my opinion about a topic.

This is a demonstration. To show that we have a new tool in our hands. A powerful one. If you are interested, Look at my November 2nd blog. You will see what happened when I unleashed my positivity to provide solutions.

That is why I wrote METAMAN. For fun. To try it. To make a positive change that helps people first. An advertising-free area for all to learn the science they are curious about. Some talk about the third culture, some have written about it.

I am doing it.



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