Friday, December 24, 2010

The 7/11 Law: Looking hard at white collar crime.

The 7/11 Law. Lets have some fun!

I think that the Canadian public deserves better from our Justice system. That is why I invented the "7/11 Law".

Yes, the name refers to a 7/11 store. Seems like if a criminal robs a 7/11 store, they might get a few hundred bucks. Charge them and send them to prison?

Since most white collar crimes do not utilize a gun they are somehow softer, or less damaging to the Canadian "public".

I am arguing this.

A “crooked investment” guy does more damage than "Junior Von Stupid" can do at any 7/11. By taking more peoples money, without their knowledge and destroying their lives, I think penalties for white collar crimes need to be revised and made tougher.

Perhaps a metric? Is it metrizable (not to be confused with Jason Kenny's Risible, this is math not "Dunning Kruger @ Kenny")

I feel that criminal charges should reflect the amount stolen. Seems like white collar crime is too soft?

Seems like a crooked investment officer can swindle the life savings of 100 grannies and get house arrest, in Canada, and probation for good behaviour. When they are smart, they take their grannie cash and scoot to foreign shelter. Bye bye justice!

If we quantified crimes in “7/11 units” ( amount stolen / ~$500 ) we could better serve Canadians by reflecting the damage white collar criminals actually incur. Seems like $500 bucks is a fair haul from a 7/11 ( assumes the theft of some cash and , perhaps, chips, hot dogs and a pair of cool goof-ball shades ).

Using this 7/11 benchmark or metric, all thefts should be quantified as to the scope of the amount stolen. This “7/11 scalar value” ( amount stolen / ~$500 ) would then be applied to the sentence/duration/fine. If you use a gun, things go from bad to therapy, not violence university.

For example: A 5,000,000 dollar theft would result in a "7/11 factor" of ( $5,000,000 / $500 )= 10000. This factor, used with a sentence of "1 year in prison crime", would result in a minimum sentence of 10000 years in prison with no parole.

This law would also help clean up dirty politicians that steal public money. Corporations know that most theft is internal in nature, and I feel that those stealing “from the inside” in both private and public sectors need a wake up call.

I hope you like my 7/11 law. I think it is kind of refreshing and fun!

Using cloud computing just became cool? ( added January 20, 2011 : please verify using cloud computing ;)


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