Friday, December 24, 2010

Evolution of Humans: No Lies!

Evolution of Humans: No Lies!

With the advent of Metaman, humans must act more like a colony and less like a group. When the world population, of our human ancestors, was small, nature supported “our” species with “bounty” that led to the Homo sapiens of today. The planet is overcrowded with Homo sapiens. Nature forces all life to evolve and we are exactly* on track ( since we really have no choice in the matter ).

But, Humans have "beat" the system and can do it again. We invented money (soon to be extinct?). We discovered science. One is real, the other is not. Which came first: the science or the money? My guess, at this moment, would be the money and science came second. Archimedes book “The Method” reveals an interesting story. That such technical genius could be recycled into a copy of some religious “photocopy”. This document outlined the scientific process on how to perform science. The "how to" guide for science. Interesting! Seems like we lost a lot of time to religion.

Science has continued to evolve, as has money. But, the past 40 years has really seen an acceleration of the body of science, and the evolution of science-money. Seems like science taught money a few tricks. Tricks the “leading money makers” are using right now: advanced math. I thought the teabaggers would support advanced math for this reason, but I was incorrect ( I will talk about teabagger vs. Science as it unfolds in my upcoming “Palin 2012: 10 Mayans can't be wrong” editions ).

Evolution of humans and science is at an interesting place. Being an armchair psychologist, my ideas about: the brains structure is ones “soul”, I can see a bright future. Technology that maps the brains activity is getting better at reading thoughts. I argued with two psychologists, years ago, that doubted my assertion: a lie detector will be designed. Being a machine designer, I have seen the technology out there but, not the software. I think we are getting closer. This technology will also help diagnose brain health and provide better therapy for people.

I like my lie detector machine idea. First, its cool and second we can use it to catch true criminals ~99.9% of the time. Plus it would be fun at parties. It could also be used to identify corrupt people in government.

The evolution comes when our “deciders” have to use it first. The devolution comes when our “deciders” us it on the citizens first.

*100% {“you cannot mess with reality, well except our differentials in time differentials of cognition” - Me.}


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