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Wikileaks & Me - long long long version!

CBC is cool. They have votes online for juicy stories to gauge other reader reactions. It actually aids in helping people feel a sense of sameness with one another, validating their opinions, growing to trust their feelings and knowledge. Could be a vote on having a chicken, or having a “bird” with Wikileaks.

If 100% vote: NO, then everyone pretty much thinks the same. (ie. Vote to tax oxygen: NO!)

If the vote is 50/50 something must change. Right?

If the vote is 97% YES & 3% NO, its an emergency. (ie. No taxes on water: YES!: lost a "Foxnewser" there?)

Mr. Harper is leveraging Canadas reputation (which I smell very strongly about) (like someone we all know and wonder about), to demonstrate a few unusual “moves” to other countries. Of course, people in the know ( for knowledge and science ) see these moves as backwards at best. Some of Stevies moves seem to incite hate from others and incite anger with us (except for Tony Clements Anti-SPAM law, freaking 16 years later)(Hello, is the microphone on... tap tap tap). Angry people = profit these days. Naomi crystallized “it” for me in Shock Doctrine. Thanks for validating my complex thoughts of disgusting human behaviour, Naomi!

I am proud to be Canadian! We have a "new" country, its huge and full of profit to be had (not just our environment, but its “2010 New Captive Markets” of people)! Of course, it too was rigged from the start. Some say 25,000,000 million paid with their lives for European Interests ( that exploited Asians, Africans, Women and a couple of guys named Stan). Those were the old days. The days when people were whipped into shape (literally). It had benefits, a common value system (values we globally oppose now), but it also had some issues (scorched earth, genocide or occupation and slavery). Example, the oldest sailor on the Beagle ( Darwins barf-boat) was 25. Imagine sending 30 or so 25 year olds on a “military vessel” for a 4 year tour today?(can you say new reality show?) You get the picture. Humans now need more time to evolve into a “serious contender” for lifes new struggles ( extra education, extremely specialized fields, now, versus sailing lessons, then).

I do not support this "old" behaviour of humans!

Evolution is a bitch. The mother earth is watching us very closely right now. With 825 billion pounds of human flesh on the platter, will she mix up a new disease? Will the GOP neo-con butt-puppets sneak out the “Jesus Vial”? Spooky! But, either way, we cannot control our environment, we must adapt and evolve to survive.

Every once in a while, the citizens would unite and kill the “cancer”, only to eventually have it replaced by another ugly face of humanity. Of course things stagnate, ignorance sets in and the whole freaking thing repeats. On a simple scale of thought, this is much like a pack of wild wolves. New leaders, to eventually be replaced. ( thanks #science for the analogy). But, each time we learn and pass it on. Some have learned intolerance and hate. Do they have a chance? Some learn to be in harmony with nature. Either way, we have learned. We learn from each other. That is why I love the new “Twitter Video Game!” (these are fake characters I am #nailedya – ing right?) I am learning new things about myself everyday, since Nov 2nd, The US midterm quiz.

This is the "law of life" it seems. Only the “fit” make it. Cool! But, what if the rules of the game change? Thats evolution, in this case. “Nothing New”, some say: America is the 69th empire. Some say “Palin2012: 10 Mayan dudes cannot be wrong.” Whats the difference?

Well, evolution is changing all the rules now. “Fit” has turned into bad. “Smart communicating humans” ( social media ) is turning into our next “evolution”.

Can we all learn to evolve with the new rules? I assert yes. We just need to start focusing on the new goal. The new goal is moral science.

The evolution comes when we do not kill anymore. If we lop off the heads of Dick Cheney and Carl Rove on pay-per-view (by a randomly picked audience member), what have we learned?

It is time to reprogram ourselves. We have the tools now, which the “bad guys” are trying to censor, to move towards that ideal of “everyone has a vote”. Our information systems are becoming more accessible (thanks science!) and “Metaman” is learning to speak and listen.

What will Metaman do with these “bad guys”? I assert that we must treat them. Help them decompress from countless generations of primitive behaviour and religious misconceptions (on a “fit”ness closed loop of ignorance and greed). Lets identify them, not the fart catchers that pass “my lie detector”, but the bad pennies (soon to be extinct currency in Canada?). We will proceed to move them to the worst spot on earth and make them start cleaning it up with my “patent pending cleaning device” and a bucket of bacteria. They would have access to all the medications they need and the therapists they require to learn to learn each other and respect everyone. If they can evolve, can set them free and track them with my “patent pending system to protect people” and make sure they are healed? I am not sure. Metaman will leave that to the experts in psychological treatment.

So, Wiki. The poll on one of the stories today was about if Wiki should release the wikileaks that government lemmings fear?

I voted: YES!

Last I looked, it was 85.85% for Yes and No was 11.31% . Of course it is not scientific! But, I think it represents that people want to see changes made to government, nonetheless.

I saw a lot of “self validating” messages for me. And of course the “loose lips sink ships: traitors” “cracker jack” – “talking point” answer. Wonder if he is a lawyer? Either way, he is acting “stupid” compared to the majority of well thought out and some short and sweet assertions that people are pissed at all the government they see.

I decided to chime in. But, I did it in my “new science voice”, with my new “Metaman language”, for fun. I wonder if lots of people think it is too weird enough to make to vote on. Lemme check... 27 agree with me 4 disagree. I also see the one I like ( the mothers rules on behaviour ) is simple: 73 agree 3 disagree ( and some women think being a full-time mom, when we are tiny critters, is some how antiquated? Is daycare teaching these lessons? I am not sure, but teaching children right and wrong seems to be pretty important and moms do it best! My mom taught me some of the most important lessons. Do not let others discourage you, thanks! Kiss kiss! ) See, people like simple. The fastest answer that emulates their feelings. I would read hers first (nah!) mine is more fun, for me.

Here is my comment from the CBC page: ( fixed some spelling, i was typin' briskly )


I #cogitate #homosapiens should have #access to #information! That is called #Freedom of Access!

#Citizens fix #problems, not #governments or #religions!

Governments have no #moral #standards, #secrets might reflect #greed, #corruption and even #hate! The same things some governments use to justify the #complex purposes of #war, with no regard to the impact on citizens.

By exposing "shady deals" that can benefit or damage citizens, #humanity can move towards a common moral code of conduct for leaders to operate with, #elected by an informed #population. That is called #democracy!

This could #evolve into a "Global Charter of Environmental Rights" and a "Global Charter of Corporate Responsibility"!

Once these items are established, there will be "little wiggle" room for "evil" people to operate under. With an informed global population, we can use science to prioritize efforts to address #Climate #Change and #Toxic #Pollution! Maybe even #hunger and #poverty and maybe even #self esteem!

#WikiLeaks helps all #people #understand the #worlds #problems. This will effect change! Using science, we can better understand the #challenges we all have. #Homosapiens will have to decide if they want a "positive change", or #anarchy with #fascism.

Once we can all get a "sniff of this Wiki-laundry", people can fix problems using.... wait for it... #science!

#Science provides a common understanding of our #universe ergo each other. Hence, we can build a more #equitable code of #morality

<<< Enjoy!

P.S.- Is the only traitor, at this moment, “Metaman”?

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